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3 Reasons to Choose DOT For Your Design Education

DOT Content Team
February 2, 2022
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Chennai's 1st Exclusive Design College

DOT School of Design is Chennai's First Exclusive Design College to offer multidisciplinary professional degree and diploma courses in the disciplines of Industrial Design, Communication Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design & Fine Arts. 

Located in the industrial heart of Chennai, Ambattur Industrial Estate offers the perfect landscape for DOT School of Design whose primary aim is to bridge the skill gap between academia and the industry requirements. Design is an instinct, an art, a profession and the future of innovation. It requires passion, practice and patience. DOT aims to mould the next generation of designers into conscious individuals who reflect the values, principles and ideals that are vital to the holistic growth of the Design industry.

How is DOT School of Design different from conventional Higher Education Institutes?

The students are groomed to be Creators as well as Constructive Critics of their peers as well as their own works. This enables them to understand their roles as valuable members and participants to shape the physical, social, cultural, economic and environmental future of the society.  The students are trained to reach their maximum potential as DOT has incorporated an expeditionary teaching methodology. 

Expeditionary Education

Expeditionary Learning (EL) is the methodology of learning which engages the students in every way possible to learn various concepts. By incorporating a 'Learn By Doing' attitude, the students imbibe the necessary skills quicker than rote learning. The experienced faculty at DOT are alumni from notable National & International Universities. They mentor the students to leave DOT as Design Professionals with strong technical and conceptual skills to meet the fierce Industry standards. 

With open studio classrooms and vast interactive spaces, the students are encouraged to collaborate with each other and have effective knowledge-sharing even outside the classrooms. The evaluation procedure uses the Jury system which models the real-world paradigm of being open to criticism. Every semester witnesses the holistic growth of the students because of this model of evaluation which doesn't just end with an end-semester examination. The students strive to learn and better themselves in all aspects which culminate in an external jury where industry experts, their faculty and peers scrutinize their work and offer constructive criticism.

DOT also houses state-of-the-art infrastructure which facilitates every student to experiment with various mediums for their assessment projects and personal projects. Equipped with various design equipment such as powerful hand tools, drill press, metal lathe, CO2CNC Laser Cutter, 3D Printer, Foam Cutter along with specialized workshops and laboratories for print-making lab, pattern-cutting lab, chromakey room, photography studio, computer labs, recording studios, etc, DOT offers all the necessary equipment for the students to be confident technically and technologically.

Faculty-Student Relationship

As mentioned above, the faculty are well-trained and from renowned institutes around the globe. The learning culture at DOT fosters a mentor-mentee relationship between the faculty and the students. The classroom sessions also aim at engaging every student to actively participate in the activities and discussions. The small ratio of students assigned to one mentor also ensures the same.

'Leave no student behind': The smaller number of students per class helps provide individual attention to every student and that no student feels left out. They are motivated by their peers and their mentors to interact and communicate their ideas in a space that's conducive to progressive learning. The culture at DOT instils a sense of community in the students where they can explore their identities, their role as a designer and as a citizen of the world.

Industry Connect and Outreach Programs 

Despite being a relatively new college in Chennai, DOT has started to build a strong foundation by establishing networking connections with experts and professionals who are leading the Design fields in Chennai and in India. Having already garnered leading industry practitioners as visiting faculty, DOT also has various initiatives to further strengthen these connections and extend them to the students to increase their exposure to the industry practices from their 1st semester.

INCO - Industry Connect, which facilitates the students to directly interact & work with the industry professionals through lectures, internships, workshops, seminars, industry tours, etc. 

IRC - Incubation Research Centre, where the students are given 360° guidance to start up their own practice and to be entrepreneurs in this effervescent field.  

Fablab - A fully equipped high-tech workspace that is accessible to the students as well as to any designer from the industry. The designers can also enlist the students as interns for their projects.

DOT Gallery - This is DOT's answer to the city’s rising demand for fluid spaces with a certain sensibility to provide a place and time for artists to explore all mediums of art from traditional to contemporary. Along with bringing in artists to the gallery space, it also allows the students to broaden their perspective.

Awards and Memberships 

Having been the recipient of various awards including the 'Best Private Design College in Tamil Nadu for Academic Excellence 2021' and 'National Educational Excellence Award 2021', DOT School of Design also is a member of international Design Associations.




In collaboration with Alagappa University, DOT School of Design provides undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma and certificate courses in the various design fields with interdisciplinary hands-on training. Admissions for 2022 are now open. Click here to Apply!

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