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Tools Utilized by Graphic Designers

Tools Utilized by Graphic Designers

A graphic design tool is a right hand for any professional designer. Technology and artwork combine in graphic designing to create purposeful and incredible designs. The graphic design industry constantly evolves with new tools to break the preconceived notions and create lucrative designs. A professional course in PG diploma graphic design in Chennai or any other prominent city in India can help you learn the ways to use designing software to bring life to your ideas. Let us explore more about the essential tools for graphic designing in the article below.

All You Need to Know About Graphic Design Software

Graphic design software is a commonly used tool by graphic designers. But there are also various powerful tools available, and a reputed course for graphic designing in Chennai trains students to use them with precision. Besides the tools, graphic designers use tablets, cameras, and computers to work with great efficiency. Graphic design software lets one create, edit and view any graphic art. Various kinds of graphic design software are available with different functions and tools. Based on the nature of the software, a user can create an illustration, format layouts, edit the images and develop multimedia.

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Graphic Design Software Used by Experts in Graphic Designing in Chennai

A few of the most commonly used graphic design software are:

Photoshop is the best for image editing as it is used for manipulating computer art and photos. Photoshop provides 2D and 3D editing, composting, and image analyzing features and thus is one of the best software used by experts in graphic designing in Chennai.

Sketch is a popular software recommended by professionals in graphic design in Chennai. It is used to design ad banners, icons, and social media images. It is a vector-based tool having many UI and UX usages like creating user flows and prototyping.

Tools used by designers

From vector illustrations and fonts to graphics and logos, an illustrator contributes the lion's share to top professionals in graphic designing in Chennai. It has many functions and tools, which are very similar to Photoshop and is capable of re-scaling or resizing designs by retaining the image clarity.

InDesign is a premium software used by leading experts in graphic designing in Chennai. It has a page layout program. It is highly useful in publishing newspapers, magazines, and brochures. InDesign helps organize texts, insert image placeholders, create layout formats, and save files in a format that is ready to print.

After Effects
After Effects is a successful visual effect software used by top professionals in graphic designing in Chennai by incorporating motion into work. It is widely utilized to make movie titles, design 3D spaces, and animations.

CorelDraw is the best software recommended by experts in graphic designing in Chennai. It comes with cool functions, unlike other vector editors. It allows users to hone their design skills and generate numerous designs without any restriction. CorelDraw generates faster dynamic results.

Inkscape is an ideal tool as per the leading experts in graphic designing in Chennai. It is compatible with Linus, Windows, OS, and Mac. Inkscape is of great use to vector art enthusiasts and designers who use SVG format.

Every expert in graphic designing in Chennai will vouch by the fact that prototyping is fundamental for design. Marvel is great to be used as a prototyping tool as it syncs with every design, even directly from the cloud storage.

Pixelmator is an excellent software as per the professionals in graphic designing in Chennai. It has simplified editing features. It allows the user to resize, move and arrange designs in layers. Pixelmator's handcrafted tools will allow you to paint flawlessly and design with dual textures.

Every graphic designer needs an incredible color scheme to create mesmerizing combinations. Palleton is one of the highly recommended software by experts in graphic designing in Chennai as it allows the user to test and select colours from a colour wheel.

Cheetah 3D
Creating 3D artwork is now possible with Cheetah 3D software. If you have just enrolled in a professional course for graphic designing in Chennai, this software is just what you need. It has a node-based material system and a powerful UV editor to create unique designs.

Pixlr is a useful tool as per the top experts in graphic designing in Chennai. It is used to open PSD files and is a great alternative to Photoshop. Pixlr offers several functionalities without upholding any other design software license.

DesignBold is a user-friendly tool relied by most professionals in graphic designing in Chennai. It is used to develop stunning images by just dragging and dropping. It has customizable layouts in its library, allowing you to create different kinds of visuals for logos, website content, and many more. DesignBold is the most cost-effective tool which is suitable for beginners.

Other Tools Recommended by Professionals in Graphic Designing in Chennai

There are a few other basic tools like pen, paper, stylus, tablets, cameras, storage devices, and computers that every graphic designer uses daily.

Pen & Paper
Pen and paper are used to sketch ideas or take notes. It is widely used because it is the easiest and fastest way to jot down ideas. This is why every professional college that teaches graphic designing in Chennai encourages students to use pen and paper for rough sketches.

Experts in graphic designing in Chennai tell that they often rely on computer to complete their work. A high-definition computer is mandatory for graphic designers.

Stylus & Graphics Tablet
Stylus and graphics tablets are the best alternatives to traditional pen and paper as they are handy for sketching and working on the go. It feels like drawing with hands and is an essential component in graphic designing in Chennai. Stylus and graphics tablet helps change colours instantly and edit using filters.

Storage Devices
As graphic designers work with large applications and files, they need a storage device. Cloud or physical storage devices are the most commonly used storage tool by experts in graphic designing in Chennai.

Top professionals in graphic designing in Chennai usually incorporate original photos or videos into the design. Therefore, a digital camera is necessary for every graphic designer who keeps clicking pictures. It is an investment that a graphic designer should never forego.

The real job of turning a dream into reality with designs lies in the hand of graphic designers. With the tools mentioned above, enticing designs that grab the consumer's attention can be created effortlessly. DOT School of Design offers one of the best professional design courses in Chennai. We aim to help you create intriguing visuals by using the latest design tools and software versions.

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