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R.B. Bhaskaran
Ex-Chairman of Lalit Kala Akademi Delhi

R.B. Bhaskaran, born in 1942 in Chennai, is a renowned figure in Modern Indian art. His artistic journey began under the influence of his uncle, Namashivayam Pillai, a 1930s luminary. With formal training in fresco painting at Bhanasthali Vidyapeeth, Rajasthan, and further refinement at the Madras School of Arts and Crafts, Bhaskaran developed a unique style that harmonizes tradition with innovation. His works, marked by profound concepts, metaphoric imagination, technical innovation, and diverse themes, have graced 60 exhibitions in India, the UK, and the Netherlands. As a former principal of the Government College of Fine Arts and the College of Art, Kumbakonam, and ex-chairman of Lalit Kala Akademi Delhi, he has left an indelible mark on the Madras Art Movement.


Balasubramanian, born in 1959 in Modakuruchi, Tamil Nadu, is a renowned Indian artist. He obtained a post-diploma in painting from the College of Arts and Crafts in 1984. As he explored India and other countries across the world, he drew inspiration from their forms, colors, and symbols in order to deepen his artistic knowledge. Balasubramanian's art reflects his life philosophy of taking things as they come, communicating his emotions through symbols and geometric forms. He crafts visually stunning textures by layering vibrant colors with his unique symbols, emanating passion. His work strikes a harmonious balance between instinct and intellect, combining elements from the past with a grounding in realism and materialism. Today, he is a distinguished artist of his generation, producing paintings that radiate solidity, poise and calm. His use of vibrant colors mirrors his deep passion for art and the sun-drenched landscapes of India. Balasubramanian's art is a testament to his artistic evolution, capturing the essence of Indian heritage while infusing his work with life and passion. He is celebrated in contemporary Indian art for his unique and captivating creations.

Mr. B. Lenin a successful film editor working as an advisor in Chennai's one of the top design schools
Film Editor and National Award Director

B. Lenin, renowned film editor and national award director, has always been drawn to music and movies. Lenin joined his father as an assistant director and then gained experience as an editor. His work experience as an assistant sound engineer to Mumbai-based Mangesh Desai, made him understand the significance of sounds that create the mood and set the tone for any film. He made his debut as an independent editor in 1979 with the Tamil film Uthiripookkal. He has been the brain behind the success of many films. “I am more of a creator than editor and it makes my job easy also. A movie is created on writers’ and evolves on editors’ table,” he says. He won national award for best director for his non-feature film “Knock out” in 1992 under the Best First Non-Feature Film of a Director category. Also, he is a recipient for 4 more National Film Awards, 3 Tamil State Film and 2 Kerala State Film awards. He has held important positions such as the jury member of 57th National Film Awards (2010) and the Chairman of Oscar selection committee (of FFI) in 2011. He is now contributing heavily to the education society through various institutions like Pune Film Institute. He now works along with a reputed film institute in Coimbatore.

Trotsky Marudu
Trotsky Marudu
Renowned Contemporary Artist

A renowned contemporary artist and art-director, Mr. Marudu works with digital as well as traditional mediums. With a knack for blending the traditional with the modern, his technique depicts figurative concepts in a semi-abstract form. He has gotten his diploma and post diploma from the Madras College of Arts & Crafts. His artwork has been exhibited in many countries like Australia, UK, US, Finland and in various parts of India. Along with being an artist, Mr. Marudu also has authored multiple books such as ‘Kodukalum Varthaikalum’, ‘Cartoonayanam’ and many others. He took multiple initiatives with his peers to completely revamp the conservative art techniques in many popular magazines of his era. A pioneer in digital and contemporary art in southern India, Mr. Marudu redefined what art could represent and introduced abstract & modern art to the people. And for his groundbreaking work, he was awarded the prestigious Kalaimamani award in 2007.

Kalyani Pramod - Textile Desinger and Artist working as an advisor in Dot school of Design Chennai

Kalyani Pramod is a graduate of textile design from NID. Always passionate about the traditional crafts and her desire to bring a sense of design to them has seen her work with many. She worked with the Toda's of the Nilgiris and had them present their work at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Her desire to work with women who had simple skills had her setup Rhapsody, a company making her designs for illustrated quilts for children, stuffed toys, patchwork quilts in cotton and silk. To expand her design sensibilities to other areas, she opened a center for arts and crafts called Manasthala.

A project with the central government-working with the poorest of the poor weavers of Tamil Nadu, over 19500 of them, visiting them, assessing their skills, motivating them, a six year adventure culminated in the creation of a brand and products that made these weavers step out from their present positions. A guest faculty at NIFT Chennai for many years igniting young minds. Today she works with the very differently-abled children and uses their limited movement. It's been a journey and will continue to be one. AWARDS: An outstanding contribution statement from Al-sadu for having documented the craft and to have taken it into another realm of colors. Many articles written about this work in the local papers. Many articles on the multitude of events that Manasthala held from July 1997 to March 2005. A film to communicate the brand IZHAI was another feather in the cap. Received an international award from Ashford wheels and looms for the work being done at Manasthala and Common threads. Received Nari Shakthi award in 2016.

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Mr. G. Sathyaseelan, Design Leader and Art Practioner working as an advisor in Chennai's best design school
Design Leader and Art Practioner

Sathyaseelan Gangaasalam is the current design head of Ashok Leyland. He is a positively charged M.Des graduate from IIT Delhi. He has consulted and led automotive styling teams at Tata ELXSI, and general motors before joining Ashok Leyland. Apart from working for the industry, he finds time to guide young and upcoming talents. Out of his 24 years of experience in professional life, he has spent 16 years in design and 7 years in teaching. He has also participated in more than 25 vehicle programs for organizations including General motors, TATA motors, TVS motors and TATA Elixs. He is also a public speaker on subjects such as design and Tamil literature.

Mr. R.P. Amudhan, a Documentary film maker working as an advisor in Dot School of Design
Documentary Film Maker

Amudhan is a documentary filmmaker and media activist. Along with local youth, he founded Marupakkam, a media activist group that is involved with making documentaries, organizing regular screenings, film festivals and media workshops in and around Madurai. He founded, & organizing Madurai International Documentary and Short Film Festival since 1998 & Chennai International Documentary film festival since 2013. He has been making documentaries since 1997. His prominent films include two trilogies on caste and nuclear radiation. 'Shit' has won the best film award at the One Billion Eyes film festival in 2005 and the National Jury Award at the MIFF 2006. He has been part of the selection committee for VIBGYOR, SIGNS and IDSFFK film festivals. Amudhan R. P. has received awards like Best film award, One Billion Eyes film festival in 2005. The National Jury Award, 9th Mumbai International Film Festival in 2006.

Mr. Aravind Neelakantan, a game engineer working as an advisor in Dot School of Design, Chennai.
Head of technology, Indian subcontinent, Unity Technologies

Arvind is a game engineer with over 12 years of experience. He started as a game developer working for uWink Inc, a company founded by industry legend Nolan Bushnell. He moved on to a senior software engineer role at Nickelodeon Games in Glendale, California where he developed PC, mobile and web-based MMOs on Unity. He strongly believes in the potential for Indian studios to produce quality content and hence in 2014, he shifted to his home country where he leads the engineering team for Disney India. While at Disney, he worked on mobile games, VR/AR experiences and on experimental technologies. He now works as the head of technology, Indian subcontinent, at Unity Technologies to encourage Indian developers and to enable their success.


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