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R.B. Bhaskaran
Ex-Chairman of Lalit Kala Akademi Delhi

R.B. Bhaskaran, a distinguished figure in Modern Indian art, stands as a luminary in the realm of Modern Indian art. Influenced by his uncle, Namashivayam Pillai, Bhaskaran began his artistic journey, mastering fresco painting at Bhanasthali Vidyapeeth, Rajasthan, and refining his skills at the Madras School of Arts and Crafts. Known for his unique blend of tradition and innovation, Bhaskaran's works are characterized by profound concepts, metaphorical imagination, and technical finesse. With 60 exhibitions in India, the UK, and the Netherlands, his artistic footprint spans borders. Beyond his artistic endeavors, Bhaskaran has also made significant contributions to academia, serving as the former principal of the Government College of Fine Arts and the College of Art in Kumbakonam. Additionally, his tenure as the ex-chairman of Lalit Kala Akademi Delhi underscores his enduring impact on the Madras Art Movement. In his lifelong pursuit of artistic excellence, Bhaskaran has not only carved a niche for himself but has also left an indelible mark on the annals of Indian art history, inspiring generations with his visionary creativity and unwavering dedication.

Mr. B. Lenin a successful film editor working as an advisor in Chennai's one of the top design schools
Film Editor and National Award Director

B. Lenin, a celebrated film editor and recipient of national awards, has always had a profound passion for music and cinema. Starting as an assistant director alongside his father, he later honed his skills as an editor, drawing inspiration from his stint as an assistant sound engineer under Mumbai-based Mangesh Desai. His debut as an independent editor came in 1979 with the Tamil film "Uthiripookkal," marking the beginning of a remarkable career. Renowned for his creative prowess, Lenin views himself more as a creator than just an editor, attributing the success of many films to his innovative touch. His directorial debut in non-feature filmmaking, "Knock out," earned him a prestigious national award in 1992, among several other accolades, including multiple National Film Awards, Tamil State Film Awards, and Kerala State Film Awards. Having served as a jury member for the National Film Awards and chaired the Oscar selection committee, Lenin's influence extends beyond the editing room. He is actively involved in shaping the future of cinema education, notably through institutions like the Pune Film Institute and a distinguished film institute in Coimbatore.

Trotsky Marudu
Trotsky Marudu
Renowned Contemporary Artist

Trotsky Marudu, a distinguished contemporary artist and art director, showcases his exceptional talent through both digital and traditional mediums. His unique approach seamlessly merges traditional elements with modern techniques, resulting in figurative concepts depicted in a captivating semi-abstract form. Having earned his diploma and post-diploma from the esteemed Madras College of Arts & Crafts, Marudu's artwork has garnered international acclaim, gracing exhibitions in countries such as Australia, the UK, the US, Finland, and across various regions of India. Beyond his artistic endeavors, Marudu is also an accomplished author, penning multiple books including ‘Kodukalum Varthaikalum’ and ‘Cartoonayanam’. He spearheaded initiatives alongside his peers to revolutionize conservative art techniques in popular magazines of his time, cementing his status as a pioneer in digital and contemporary art in southern India. For his groundbreaking contributions to the world of art, Marudu was honoured with the prestigious Kalaimamani Award in 2007, solidifying his legacy as a visionary artist who redefined the boundaries of artistic expression.

Kalyani Pramod - Textile Desinger and Artist working as an advisor in Dot school of Design Chennai

Kalyani Pramod, an accomplished textile designer and artist, graduated from NID with a passion for traditional crafts. Her dedication to infusing these crafts with innovative design is evident throughout her impressive body of work. She collaborated with the Toda Tribes of the Nilgiris, showcasing their craftsmanship at the esteemed Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Inspired by a desire to empower women with simple skills, she founded Rhapsody, specializing in illustrated quilts and patchwork for children, alongside establishing the Manasthala center for arts and crafts. Through a groundbreaking partnership with the central government, Kalyani uplifted over 19,500 impoverished weavers in Tamil Nadu, transforming their skills into a successful brand. As a guest faculty at NIFT Chennai, she nurtured budding talents, while her ongoing journey of teaching weaving to differently abled children remain a testament to her commitment to inclusivity and education. Recognized for her outstanding contributions, Kalyani received accolades from Al-sadu for elevating traditional crafts into vibrant realms of color. Her achievements have been widely covered in local newspapers, documenting the numerous events held at Manasthala. Further international recognition came in 2016 with the prestigious Ashford Wheels and Looms award for her transformative work at Manasthala and Common Threads, alongside the esteemed Nari Shakthi award. Kalyani's dedication to art, craft, and community continues to inspire and uplift countless lives.

Mr. G. Sathyaseelan, Design Leader and Art Practioner working as an advisor in Chennai's best design school
Design Leader and Art Practioner

Sathyaseelan Gangaasalam, the esteemed Design Leader and Art Practitioner, currently holds the position of Design Head at Ashok Leyland. With an M.Des from IIT Delhi, his career path has been illuminated by a passion for innovation and excellence. Having lent his expertise to renowned entities like Tata ELXSI and General Motors, Sathyaseelan brings a wealth of experience in automotive styling to his role. Despite his demanding professional commitments, he remains committed to nurturing emerging talents, dedicating significant time to mentorship. With an impressive tenure spanning 24 years, Sathyaseelan's career journey has seen him contribute significantly to over 25 vehicle programs for esteemed organizations such as General Motors, Tata Motors, TVS Motors, and Tata Elixs. Beyond his professional endeavors, he also shares his insights and knowledge as a public speaker, addressing topics ranging from design to Tamil literature. Sathyaseelan Gangaasalam epitomizes the intersection of creativity, expertise, and mentorship, shaping the future of design with his visionary leadership and unwavering dedication.

Mr. R.P. Amudhan, a Documentary film maker working as an advisor in Dot School of Design
Documentary FilmMaker

Amudhan R. P., a distinguished documentary filmmaker and media activist, stands at the forefront of societal change. Co-founding Marupakkam, a pioneering media activist group in Madurai, he has spearheaded numerous initiatives, including documentary production, screenings, film festivals, and media workshops. His commitment to amplifying marginalized voices is evident in his extensive body of work, spanning since 1997. Notable among them are trilogies on caste dynamics and nuclear radiation, shedding light on pressing social issues. Amudhan's cinematic prowess has garnered critical acclaim, with his film 'Shit' receiving accolades such as the Best Film Award at the One Billion Eyes Film Festival in 2005 and the National Jury Award at the Mumbai International Film Festival in 2006. Beyond his filmmaking endeavours, Amudhan's impact extends to the festival circuit, where he has served on the selection committees for prestigious events like VIBGYOR, SIGNS, and IDSFFK. His dedication to storytelling and social advocacy has earned him numerous accolades, including the esteemed Best Film Award at the One Billion Eyes Film Festival in 2005 and the National Jury Award at the 9th Mumbai International Film Festival in 2006. Amudhan R. P. continues to inspire and provoke change through the power of documentary filmmaking.

Mr. Aravind Neelakantan, a game engineer working as an advisor in Dot School of Design, Chennai.
Head of technology, Indian subcontinent, Unity Technologies

Arvind Neelakantan, an esteemed game engineer with over 12 years of industry expertise, embarked on his career journey at uWink Inc, under the mentorship of industry luminary Nolan Bushnell. Progressing to a senior software engineer role at Nickelodeon Games in Glendale, California, Arvind honed his craft in developing PC, mobile, and web-based MMOs on the Unity platform. With a profound belief in the potential of Indian studios to deliver top-notch content, Arvind returned to his homeland in 2014 to lead the engineering team at Disney India. During his tenure, he contributed to a diverse range of projects including mobile games, VR/AR experiences, and cutting-edge experimental technologies. Currently serving as the Head of Technology for the Indian subcontinent at Unity Technologies, Arvind's mission is to empower Indian developers and foster their success. His unwavering commitment to innovation and mentorship continues to drive the growth of the gaming industry in India and beyond.


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