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What Is Graphic Design & Its Types?

When someone talks of graphic design, do you think of eye-catching graphics or artistic advertisements on websites? Though these fit into a graphic design definition, there is more to it. Logos, product labels, business cards, website layouts, book covers, infographics, signs, mobile apps, posters, software interfaces, etc. If you want to know the whole picture of graphic design and learn its intricacies, you must consider joining a PG diploma graphic design course in Chennai. Keep reading to learn more about the basics of this field.

What Is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is the art of creating visual content to communicate messages and ideas. It is everywhere you look, from mobile applications to billboards. A professional graphic design course in Chennai incorporates various elements and principles into designs to influence emotions and perceptions. Graphic design is also referred to as communication design, and the designers as visual communicators. Graphic designers work with graphic design software and bring visual concepts to life by engaging consumers through images, text, and graphics. It is a beautiful form of expression and art that connects companies with consumers, promotes product selling, and develops a brand identity effectively.

Principles & Elements- Learn With the Help of a Graphic Design Course in Chennai

The elements and principles of graphic design create a visually appealing work to convey a strong message.

A line can be straight, short, thin, curved, thick, long, or dashed and is present in every design. Lines are the basic elements connecting two points, dividing spaces and directing the viewer's attention in a specific direction. A good graphic design course in Chennai teaches students to create a unique design by perfectly placing the lines.

Colours are the elements that create moods and emotions. Colour plays a significant role in any design, and a professional graphic design course in Chennai can help you understand the ways to create an impact with colours.

A combination of lines forms a shape. A few commonly used shapes in designing are circles, rectangles, triangles, squares, or abstract forms. A professional graphic design course in Chennai will train students to influence the viewer's perception with effective shapes.

Space is critical for any design as it enhances readability. You can always rely on a reliable graphic design course in Chennai to learn how to utilize space so that it gives room for other elements in the design to breathe.

Textures are the best elements to replace single colour backgrounds. You can opt for a graphic design course in Chennai to learn how to create a wonderful 3D textured appearance. The most common textures used in designing are stone, brick, paper, fabric, and concrete.

A good graphic design course in Chennai trains people to arrange texts in engaging or legible ways to convey them correctly. Texts are so powerful that they create different emotions by the way they are designed with a proper balance in font, size and placement.

Scaling is the best way to create a visual hierarchy by positioning and placing various elements impressively. You can learn a graphic design course in Chennai to understand the ways to use scaling techniques and make the design look more dynamic.

Dominance & Emphasis
Dominance and emphasis help the design flow by creating a focal point. You can enrol for a graphic design course in Chennai to learn the ways to create a design with emphasis and dominance in a way that guides the viewer to other parts of the design without any hindrance.

A graphic design course in Chennai helps students learn the ways to create balance and place elements with stability. Balance is attained through colours, shapes, textures, and lines.

Harmony is the ultimate goal of any graphic design. Every element should work together and complement the other. An expert graphic design course in Chennai educates candidates to design by striking a balance between contrast and harmony to make the outcome attractive and not monotonous.

Types of Graphic Design Taught by a Licensed Graphic Design Course in Chennai

Graphic design is everywhere, and there are no areas and specializations without it. However, each graphic designer needs specific skills and techniques to ace the designing process. Let us see the different types of courses offered by a highly experienced graphic design course in Chennai.

Visual Identity Graphic Design

A visual identity graphic design concentrates on the visual elements and focuses on communicating through shapes, images, and colours. A professional graphic design course in Chennai teaching visual identity graphic design educates its students on how to develop logos, colour palettes, image libraries, and typography to represent a brand.

Marketing & Advertising Graphic Design

A marketing and advertising graphic design is used to entice consumers and sell services or products. It involves printing flyers, billboards, posters, and catalogues or developing digital advertisements like television ads, social media posts, video advertisements, etc. Budding designers in Chennai can opt for a graphic design course in Chennai to learn how to research consumer habits and develop designs based on the target audience.

Web Design

Planning the appearance, structure, layout, and design falls under the web designing category. A professional graphic design course in Chennai trains the students to focus on visual elements, graphics, texts, photos, and videos to create a user-friendly and appealing website. Web designing must include user experience and connect with UX and UI design.

Publication Graphic Design

A reliable graphic design course in Chennai can help students to learn to design magazines, newspapers, and books with the right layout. They also educate them on typography, photography, graphics, and illustrations. This type of graphic design needs to understand printing, digital publishing, and colour management.

Packaging Graphic Design

Packaging is an important marketing tool for any product. Graphic designers must develop good concepts, print-ready files, and mock-ups to create a good packaging design. An experienced graphic design course in Chennai teaches candidates to track the competitors and trends and create unique packs.
The Bottom-line
Graphic designers use a combination of techniques with a good background in animation and fine arts to create unique artwork. DOT School of Design is one of the leading design colleges in Chennai, which coaches the candidates during the learning period to collaborate with editors, writers, art directors, and marketers to gain more exposure and knowledge.

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