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Why Should Fine Arts Be An Integral Part Of School Curriculum?

Technological advancement in recent years in the education sector has severely undermined the importance of art in school education. The increased use of screens has affected the way students learn and has also reduced the amount of time they spend on art, which is essential to the holistic development of students.

Multiple studies have shown that Fine Arts in school education plays a key role in improving almost every aspect of academic performance, prompting many of the best schools to include art in their curricula. The improved focus on art is not only being felt in academics, but its growing popularity as a career option is also noteworthy. Chennai offers some of the best Fine Arts diploma courses for art enthusiasts, providing them with ample opportunities.

Throughout this article, we will be exploring the various benefits of including art in school education and also learn why its inclusion is vital for students' holistic development.

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Fine Arts Diploma Courses: Importance Of Art In School Education

Despite ongoing debates about the importance of including arts and sports in regular academics, it goes without saying that these foster self-confidence and improve a positive outlook among students. The following ten reasons demonstrate why art education should be part of academics.

Enhances engagement

Including art in academics has many benefits, and student engagement is one of the important ones. They not only contribute to improving students' confidence but also enable them to think positively. Participation in art programs fosters collaboration and many other hands-on benefits. It's a medium that connects students' derived knowledge to personal experiences and enables them to express what they learned to others.

Fosters innovation

Through art, students can express themselves more effectively. It allows students to see concepts in a completely new light. Kids are more comfortable expressing themselves through art than other academic subjects. Articulating creativity in the classroom at an early age can foster innovation as well as develop creativity.

Improves fine motor skills

Practising art positively influences the fine motor skills of students. It has been discovered that young kids who learn to draw, scribble or play instruments at an early age tend to have great motor skills.

Improves self-reliance

The performing arts are very effective in fostering confidence in students. Dance and other performing arts require students to step outside their comfort zones. These not only improve their confidence but are critical for improving their performance as well.

Fosters perceivable learning

Visual arts help develop visual-spatial skills in students. The ability to use their keen artistic skills to learn about the world is more effective than rote learning. Through art, students can comprehend and make choices based on visual information.

Enhances creativity

Students who receive art education have better creativity assessment skills than those who do not. Students who take the best Fine Arts design courses learn skills such as creativity and independence. Additionally, art students exhibit better adaptability and flexibility than their counterparts.

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Improves language learning skills

Performing art requires students to read notes, play instruments, memorise dance steps, or act in a drama. These skills form a learning habit that students can use to develop vocabulary, learn new concepts, and understand new languages.

Enhances math skills

Proportional thinking, number manipulation, and measurements are all part of art. These activities foster math skills that are essential to academic success. The patterns found in musical rhythms and dance and the geometric and spatial patterns used in visual arts help develop math problem-solving skills.

Builds teamwork

Students gain valuable experience while performing arts together. Be it a theatrical production or a group performance, participating in team art helps students realise the importance of teamwork in perfecting an art. Teamwork also allows articulating multiple ideas and receiving/ offering constructive criticism, a few crucial qualities essential to develop as an individual.

Builds leadership qualities

In addition to nurturing good teamwork, performing arts develops leadership skills and other qualities like strategy development, decision-making, and planning.

Early exposure to art is crucial to the development of the above characteristics. Besides these benefits, learning art can also open up enormous career opportunities for students, making it one of the most desirable careers. The Fine Arts diploma courses and degrees offered by DOT School Of Design are regarded as the best offered by any design institute in Chennai. Our design institute also offers several Diploma and Degree programs in various fields.

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