DOT School of Design’s ‘Best Art Teachers’ recognises outstanding Art Teachers in each district of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.
Deadline for the Nomination is May 10,2022
Program Goals:
DOT School of Design is Chennai’s first exclusive multidisciplinary design college offering professional bachelors and masters courses in design. Being one of the pioneers in offering design education, DOT takes this initiative to show that Art is a fundamental part of Design. Also, DOT aims to break the prevailing stereotypes and support the art teachers who are trailblazers in their respective domains. Despite the lack of resources, setbacks and a global pandemic affecting the economy and people's lives, there are few achievers who have helped in the proliferation of art during these adverse times. DOT aims to recognize their endeavors and honor them with ‘Best Art Teacher' Award.

Categories for the Awards

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Who can Nominate?

Self-Nomination or be nominated by their respective schools or the parents of their students

Selection Procedure

  • All the applications would be received through an online web portal.
  • Teachers themselves shall apply directly by filling the application form on this page
  • Every applicant shall submit a portfolio, online along with the Form. The portfolio shall include relevant supporting material such as documents, tools, reports of activities, field visits, photographs, audios or videos etc.
  • Declaration by the applicant: Each applicant shall give a declaration that all the information/data submitted is true and originated from the applicant to the best of his/her knowledge and if anything is found at any later date to be untrue then he/she will be liable to disciplinary action.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Work done by teachers to encourage community, parents, alumni etc. to contribute to the school in any way e.g. physical infrastructure, computers, funds, books etc. 

  • Publication (Research papers/Articles in international/national journals{with ISSN}, Books {with ISBN}, etc.) in the last 5 years 

  • Innovative experiments (like use of ICT, joyful learning technique) undertaken by teachers for greater impact of his/her teaching on the students. 

  • Have attended any Skill development programs? (National or International)

  • Number of in-service training he/she has been deputed to

  •  Work done by teachers to increase enrolment and reduce dropouts.

  • Awards and Recognition 

  • Development and use of appropriate pedagogical approaches in day to day teaching activities including Teaching-Learning materials, Low-cost teaching aids etc.(Based on the number, scale and impact of innovations/experiments)

  • Organisation of extra and co-curricular activities (Based on number, scale and impact of experiments) 

  • Mobilisation of society for school infrastructure and for spreading social awareness among children. 

  • Years of Experience 

  • Promotion of nation-building and national integration
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