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Webinar on Art as a Career

DOT Content Team
July 22, 2021
2 min read

DOT hosted a design career awareness drive to help answer all the queries of students and parents about education in Design.

The webinar series kick-started with the power-packed session from Mr.Trotsky Marudu. A renowned contemporary artist and art director, Mr. Marudu works with digital as well as traditional mediums. With a knack for blending the traditional with the modern, his technique depicts figurative concepts in a semi-abstract form. 

Mr.Ezhilarasan E is an award-winning artist hailing from Puducherry who has had his works displayed in multiple galleries. He is a Visual Arts faculty at DOT School of Design who explained to the students about education in the field of Fine arts. From covering topics such as the various majors available for the students to what they would be taught in each major, he explained the difference between the two pillars of Visual arts, namely

  •  Painting & Sketching 
  •  Sculpting techniques

He explained the scope of Visual Arts in terms of the various career opportunities that are available to them. He also briefed on the benefits of working at DOT which include exposure to the art world, internship & placement opportunities, and the vibrant tie-ups with the industries. Along with that, he also spoke about the state-of-the-art Gallery at DOT which can accommodate large-scale exhibitions of various art forms. 

After a short video break, Mr.Marudu took over the webinar with his charismatic presentation followed by a Q&A session. Mr.Marudu’s presentation was a passionate account of his experience in the art and cinema field. He explained how all the great movies were made by people with expertise in the art fields. Stressing the importance of being updated with the latest technology, Mr.Marudu advocates the constant up-gradation of one’s skill sets, especially in the design fields. Many of the questions asked about the effect of pandemics in the industry of art & art design, to which he answered that many fields especially filmmaking are shifting to the digital age where a movie is made even before its shot. He spoke about the various modern art forms such as animation, illustrations, digital art, and visual effects. 

Career opportunities are multitude, Mr.Marudu guided the students about the various verticals but also advised them to focus on one vertical before they decide to explore the various mediums. 

His session engaged the students with relevant yet funny anecdotes and motivated them with his sheer energy and enthusiasm. The participants were found active throughout the session questioning the speaker of the day. 

Due to the lack of time,  Mr.Marudu managed to answer most of the questions.  An hour of the session passed by quickly with Mr.Marudu’s witty and funny presentation and the session was wrapped up by answering the general queries on careers in Visual & Fine arts.

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