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Career Opportunities in Communication Design (Graphic Design)

DOT Content Team
August 27, 2021
1 min read

Communication design is a popular design course where the students learn about the various ways they can communicate visually, graphically or otherwise to an audience. It’s an innovative course where the students are challenged to design better mediums of communication along with the messages themselves.  

 The webinar started with Ms.Dhwani Shah, the associate professor at DOT School of design, talking about the benefits of a design education. She mentioned the various infrastructural facilities available here to help the budding designers develop their skills. The learning culture at DOT which concentrates on the overall development of skill and mindset was elaborated. The open classrooms enable a collaborative atmosphere which exposes the students to various ideas and perspectives. The holistic approach to communication design which lets the students explore the various mediums available to them was highlighted. 

 After a short video break, Mr. Vasanth Joshua spoke about the career opportunities at DOT. Being the co-founder of FINDCreative avenue, an innovative graphical solutions company, Mr.Vasanth shared anecdotes about his ventures in the industry. From his work experience to where all he draws inspirations for his designs helped the students understand what a career in Graphic design actually looks like. His thorough account of his initial struggles and the story of how FINDCreative Ave came to exist gave the students a new perspective on the business aspect of Graphic Design.  

 The session ended with the students asking questions about the industry and about the various academic options available to get into the industry. Both Ms.Dhwani & Mr. Vasanth actively resolved all the queries making it an informational session.  

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