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Ceramics and Glass Design

DOT Content Team
July 21, 2020
2 min read

Ceramic and glass design is a field of design that offers amazing and expressive qualities in the major domain of art and creativity and in addition, it grows functional possibilities in the region of craft, architectural spaces, healthcare, hospitality industry, home decor, high tech products, and lifestyle product categories.

The inspiration of this field is derived from both intrinsic art and craft traditions and it’s potential and scope for the upcoming future has been globally recognized. This is a combination of creativity, science as well as technology too. The glass and ceramic designing is a creative course for students who want to study design as well as engineering for open-end career options in interior decoration.

Ceramics designers also known as ceramicists work with clay, porcelain, bone china and stoneware to design and create pottery items, sculptures, homeware(such as tiles and flooring), tableware, etc. The role of a ceramicist is not just to create these things, but also to glaze, paint, and decorate the finished products.

Taking the career scope, graduation in ceramics and glass design provides several opportunities in engineering, housing and construction, industrial manufacturing, and several medical fields. The originality for art and design is a prerequisite factor for a career as a ceramic designer and above all, a designer shall also need a commercial mind and a concrete idea of customer preferences and choices. Some of the famous ceramic and glass designers are Eva Zeisel, Pablo Picasso, Hans coper, Eric Landon, and Lisa Larson. Top ceramic and glass designing companies are Scrubex corporation, Leo enterprises, Paramount international, royal industries, etc.

Ceramic and glass designing courses combine to form creativity, science, and technology too. The course, designed in a way that students learn techniques for the production of glasses has advanced to designing in a way that is safe for environment and energy-efficient.

The glass and ceramics based products, over the years, have become luxurious and artistic with lightweight energy-saving and wear-resistant ceramic products such as ceramic ceiling tiles, floor tiles, ceramic sanitary-wares, pottery, tableware, ornamental-ware, biomedical implants, jet-engine turbines, bullet-resistant vests, etc.

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