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Fashion Communication

DOT Content Team
June 10, 2022
2 min read

Fashion communication is a program that engages students to gain communication skills related to the fashion and lifestyle industry. Five exit levels are envisaged overall: Graphic design, visual Merchandising, retail space, design, styling and photography, fashion journalism, and public relations. Fashion communication is one of the most exciting avenues to open up in the fashion and lifestyle industry. Currently, the success of a brand is marked largely by its uniqueness with identity.

With a multitude of luxury brands growing in the current retail scenario, it became necessary for each one of them to develop a unique brand identity in the domain of the fashion and lifestyle industry. This is possible by professionals, who master in expanding the design strategy beyond the domain of the product, to have all aspects of communication design. This program consists of an integrated course study relating to areas such as visual merchandising, styling, graphic design, display, and exhibit design, advertising and public relations, and creative writing, specific to the fashion and lifestyle industry.

A smiling woman holding tablet on one tab on left hand and mobile phone on right hand.

Thus, Fashion communication students emerge as dynamic professionals qualified to offer the most effective and financially viable communication solutions for the fashion and lifestyle industry. Fashion communication in a wider aspect is a mode of communication that acts as a bridge between the fashion world and common people.

For example, a designer plans to make a collection for the upcoming year, he/she hires a fashion stylist to do the research and come up with the new trends and fashion. After the collection is done, he needs a fashion photographer to shoot the garment. A fashion journalist comes in the role by writing about his design for the magazine or newspaper. Merchandisers and fashion style get to connect the designer with the celebrities stylist for the promotion of the garments designed in the popular shows on TV, internet, etc.

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