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Graphic Design

DOT Content Team
August 10, 2020
2 min read

Graphic design involves the process of visual communication and problem solving with the help of type, space, and image. It involves overlapping skills that include visual communication and communication design. Graphic designers use a variety of visual media like shapes, fonts, color on print design to convey messages. They are required in many industries like advertising, web designing, print industry, or film making. It is one man’s profession, rather than teamwork. More than their qualifications, trust is given to individual skills, creativity, and genius. The graphic designing skills that are used are adobe illustrator, photoshop, 2D, 3D designing, Art direction, color theory, typography, print, and editorial design, etc.

In general, Graphic designers work with images as well as with text forms in order to create a design that is appealing to eyes and gives some messages. The could be included in any brochures, logos, advertisements, and websites. The images which are included in work are photographs, painting, and output of digital media.

Image focusing hand on computer mouse on the table with desktop

Graphic designers get opportunities to work with graphic design firm. Graphic design is obviously a growing industry and only the talented ones are in. one advantage of working in a designing firm is that one gets exposed to a variety of work and of several clients, at the same time through which he’ll learn further. working as a freelance graphic designer is also a challenging job after gaining a good amount of experience. Companies or institutions like newspapers, magazines, publishers, restaurants, museums or organizations involved in any kind of public display surely have requirements for graphic designers.

Alternative jobs like logo designing, advertisement designing, photography editing, book and magazine layout arts, illustrators, or art direction can be taken up by a graphic designer. The Indian graphic design firms are Skyy, design parichay, liquid designs, zero designers, etc. the internationally recognized graphic design firms are many but to name a few top designer firms, they are pentagram, Landor, meta-design, saffron band consultants, happy cog, the chase, flux design, dessein, lab brand, total identity group, litmus branding, casa rex, branding, ID and B and eat creative.

Today, everything in the market has to be appealing to people. Therefore, with the help of graphic design, the message can be conveyed in a more creative way than the actual thing itself

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