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IIT Design Courses

DOT Content Team
February 6, 2020
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India has a vibrant and rich design industry. The design industry in India is backed by designers with a strong platform in design education. Indian designers have a derived talent of insight and experience developed over the years and are steadily progressing. The design industry comprises of various roles for designers to take up. The designers are involved in designing along with the in-house design team. There are also freelancing designers where they work with design businesses. The Indian government promotes quality design education by setting up Design institutions and design schools like IITs-IDC, NITs, and NIDs.

Industrial Design is an undergraduate academic degree awarded by the institute or a university for a four-year course of study that specializes in the design of industrial products. It teaches you how to design, create and test various products, from mobile phones, to bicycles, furniture, automobiles, and even movie sets.

To become an industrial designer, you require a Bachelor’s degree from an Industrial Design College, Architecture or Engineering for entry-level jobs in the field. Many schools will require that you complete some basic classes in Art and Design before you enter into the degree program. To this end, they may request that you submit some sketches of what you have drawn. Because this field does combine Art, Science, and Business in equal measure, a good number of Industrial designers are pursuing an MBA (Master’s of Business Administration) to help them gain the required business skills.

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Industrial designers research how users might use a product and test different designs to see which is the most practical and user-friendly. The industrial designer must combine technical and creative aspects to create products that are practical, user-friendly, safe and aesthetically pleasing.

When you choose a career in Industrial Design, choosing the right degree is very important. To become an Industrial designer, completing an undergraduate degree is the minimum requirement. Anyway due to increasing competition, completing a master’s in Industrial Design would be beneficial.

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India has the potential of becoming a great player in the international arena in animation industry Animation courses strive to create people with expertise to influence the future of animation. It involves processes such as film-making, conceptualizing production, etc.

People with good analytical abilities and having a creative approach to solving problems, with sensitiveness in their approach and knowledgeable about upcoming technologies can expertise in Interaction Design. Programs offered at IIT Design School- IDC design courses focus on interactive Media, mobile communication applications, interfaces for applications, interactive gaming, and learning applications.

Mobility and Vehicle design in IDC.

Facing challenges such as changing lifestyles, environmental issue and increasing population density and competitive environment, the automobile industries are strengthening in developing product function and design. Design studios are being set up widely in India to tackle these challenges. The programs instil skill and knowledge making them competent designers in the industry.

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