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Induction Day '21

DOT Content Team
April 7, 2021
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The Induction Day celebration for the academic batch of 2021 transpired on the 15th of February of this year. The day was a juncture for the students to learn about the campus resources and get accustomed to their batchmates & faculties. It was a pleasure to welcome the students back into the campus after the year long hiatus imposed as a counter measure for the pandemic.

Induction celebration at DOT School of Design

The elation of the students to finally meet their friends after only seeing them online classes was vividly evident. It was a delight for the faculty & the management of DOT School of Design to witness their reunion.

Induction Day @ DOT School of Design Chennai

The festivities started with an activity which allowed the students to demonstrate their individual creativities. The students & the faculty of the school left their unique imprints on a canvas to commemorate their exploration of different art mediums. The piece of art that resulted is displayed at the entrance of the school. The gesture consolidated the synergy between the students & their faculty.

Induction Day Event Inauguration

The event was inaugurated by our hon. Chief Guests,

  • Mr.Sathyaseelan G – Design Head, Ashok Leyland
  • C. Renganathan – Director, Chennai METCO
  • Susan Thottan Athi – Art Educator.

Chief guest giving speech

The ceremonies started with a welcoming speech from our respected Chairman, Mr. AR. R. Raammnath. After which, our Chief Guest, Mr. Sathyaseelan gave a thought-provoking speech with many anecdotes from his life. He highlighted the importance of Design in any stream of education and how design improved his own quality of life. His speech stressed on how mandatory design education is for the development of our entire Nation and to solve the practical difficulties faced everyday by Indians.

Speaker giving speech on mic

Mr. C.Renganathan shared his experience with DOT School of Design and his appreciation for the facilities and opportunities provided here. Coming from a manufacturing background, he provided the students with industry insights and emphasized on how design is going to be the next big thing in the world. He motivated the students by saying that each of them are capable of shaping the future of our country and encouraged them to stick to their choice of careers.

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Finally, Mrs. Susan Thottan Athi, who has worked as an art educator at multiple institutes, gave an insight into the academic perspective of design education. She gave valuable advice to the students to inculcate the habit of learning. She asked the students to observe the art of everyday life and helped them understand how to get inspiration from the world around them.

Image of the induction day celebration stage with the chief guests

With a conclusory thank you speech from our Academic Coordinator, Mrs. Elizabeth Joseph, the ceremonies paused for a short break. Post which, a tour of the campus was given to everyone present there. The fully equipped labs, specialized workshops & studios were exhibited to the parents & the students. The students were enthusiastic about the vast co-learning & interaction spaces provided in the campus.

After the campus tour, fun ice-breaking events & games were organized for the students. All the students actively participated in all the events which turned out to be a morale booster for upcoming academic year. It energized the students and gave them a glimpse of what was in-store for them during their term at DOT School of Design.

Photo of DOT School Design Students

At around 5 p.m., the merriments came to a completion. The event culminated with the students being passionate about their tenure at the School and having a better awareness of design & its significance in everyday life.

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”

― Plato, The Republic

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