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Leather Design

DOT Content Team
May 10, 2020
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A Leather design program is specific in terms of its structure and gets extensive applications in the fashion footwear and accessories industry. It focuses on the integrated design perspective within the ambit of industry requirements. Having in mind the needs of the industry and the nature of those fields requires evolving with changing times, the program encompasses areas of leather garments, fashion goods, personal lifestyle accessories, and footwear.

Design is a growing field and it is holding to new corners and platforms outside the already established ones in the trade. The leather design is one such field that is coming up in a big way. The leather design program is highly structured and mainly focuses on developing a holistic professional to meet the human resource requirement of the leather industry. It emphasizes on the integration of design concepts with much material knowledge so that to respond to the requirement of specific target markets.

The major aims are nurturing social values as well as shaping the competitive and entrepreneurial mindset of students. Exposure to the industry through field trips, tannery training, industry internship, and graduation projects are the major parts of the curriculum. Top leather designing companies are GUCCI fashion accessory, Coach.inc, Burberry fashion clothing, fossil, Salvatore Ferragamo S.P.A ,etc.


Leather shoes on shelves

leather shoes

Aspirants should possess the following skills and qualities in order to be eligible for pursuing leather design course,

  • Designing skills
  • Good numerical skills
  • Sound knowledge of computer-aided designing software
  • Strong planning ability
  • Problem-solving ability

The target industry for graduates is export and domestic manufacturing, retail, buying, and sourcing, etc. After completing an undergraduate or postgraduate course. In leather designing, one can take up jobs such as a production analyst, merchandiser, and designer and also work with internationally known brands such as Prada, Gucci and Zara provided one has exceptional creativity and aesthetic sense.

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