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Industrial Design Career Opportunities by Mustaq Anis

DOT Content Team
August 27, 2021
1 min read

The session started with the host, Mrs.Muzna introducing the campus and about the various infrastructures present here. Short video clippings were shared to introduce the students to the facilities at DOT School of Design.

Post which, Mr.Tawfiq shared information about the industrial design course offered at DOT School of Design. He explained the learning culture and what values DOT aims to imbibe in their design students. He explained about the state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities available here. With dedicated workshops and laboratories, DOT School is well equipped to allow the students to experiment and explore with all mediums from laser cutting machinery, 3D printing technology, etc.  

A short video highlighting the student life at DOT School of Design was played before Mr.Mustaq Anis started his presentation. Mr.Mustaq Anis explained about his roots in the industrial industry. By sharing anecdotes about his experience in the industry, Mr.Mustaq helped the students in understanding what it takes to make it as an Industrial Designer.  

After their brief presentations, the Q&A session was held. Both the speakers elaborately answered all the essential queries posted by the students to the best of their knowledge. The career awareness in Industrial design ended after the Q&A portion.  

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