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DOT Content Team
June 15, 2020
2 min read

The majority of the students walk into design thinking that it’s going to be easy. Some students take up design education because they couldn’t land up anywhere else and some come in because they need a degree but only a handful of them are honestly passionate about design and are ready to put their heart and soul into it. Designing is one such field where people will judge you for your work, irrespective of the fact whether you hold a degree or a diploma. Of course, one has to be really shrewd and street smart to handle people around them. To solve a problem, you should be able to define it first and then absorb as much knowledge about the problem as one can, for which, one should learn to be sensitive and observe and articulate complexity in simple terms.

To solve a problem, one should be able to open up one’s mind and see the problem from angles in which it has not been looked at before and approach it with solutions from those angles. One, therefore, needs to be able to articulate the solution in the form of diagrams, sketches, words, and presentations. Finally one needs the skill to manifest a solution in real life. This requires a proper understanding of materials, processes, technology, and software, in terms of their possibilities and limitations. DOT School of design teaches you to learn much of the above through neatly designed courses and projects that you take up.

A group of four students looking on different directions

DOT school provides high quality of education along with rapid growth that has sustained because it has provided excellent infrastructure, intensive and well-structured courses, and most importantly highly experienced and well qualified capable faculty from diverse backgrounds. All individuals will have different life experience at DOT and learn distinct skills and knowledge per their inclination. DOT has a planned syllabus for the students and they teach them certain knowledge as part of that syllabus. This could be classes, hands-on workshops, guest lectures, juries, and outside engagements with industry. Secondly, the environment in DOT allows you to go out of the syllabus and gain knowledge as you spend time with batch mates and faculty. This learning is extremely fuzzy and subjective based on your inclination and drives to learn more.

All things considered, life and learning at DOT will be a great experience and worth your efforts.

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