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New Media Design

DOT Content Team
June 10, 2022
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New media design is framing almost everything for the screen. If you are a person who is interested in working with websites and motion graphics, then a new media design may be the best choice. The programs dive deeper into working with coding. New media studies is a relatively young academic discipline that explores the intersections of computing, science, humanities, and visual and performing arts. New media studies examine ideas and insights on media from communication theorists, programs, educators, and technologists.

The objective of the study program of the doctoral academic studies new media design is to establish a unique platform for education, development, and advancement of students who wish to create new artistic, cultural, and commercial expressions create modern and upcoming digital technologies and media as well as to participate in an academic environment as lectures in the areas of art and new media.

Also, the students are informed about modern trends in digital arts and about the bond between forming artwork and new media. Through this, students improve their abilities to use modern theoretical concepts and methodological principles in individual research, comprehension, and analysis of the theory of art and media.

Students gain knowledge and innovative aspects of new media in theory and in practice, that enable them to discover and realize new types of artistic expression by application and new media design. The program places emphasis on combining creative and critical thinking with practical and theoretical work, as well as improvement and defining individual creative thoughts, visual poetics, and esthetics of each student.

Close up of a mike in front of a laptop used during communication design course training

The program objective is also to enable students to upgrade their thought and to develop in the field of theory of new media, as well as to improve their creative- artistic, as well as technological abilities to a level appropriate to their academic status. Furthermore, a course objective is to enable students, through an interdisciplinary approach of combining art and technologies, to use research methodologies in the domain of new media, as well as broaden their range of creative work, esthetics, and quality of their creative achievements.

Along with practical knowledge, students acquire theoretical knowledge in the area of theory of new media of postmodern art, visual culture, and philosophy of art. Students acquire knowledge in philosophical frames and develop critical thinking about art and technologies, as well as general issues in visual culture today.

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