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Know how the fashion industry functions and about sustainability in fashion design industry from Ms.Sanah Sharma

Sustainable Fashion Design Career Opportunities by Sanah Sharma

The vivacious field of fashion design lies behind a veil of glamour. Ms. Sanah Sharma broke the barriers that separate the people who look at the field and those who are a part of it in this webinar on a career in Fashion design. Ms.Sanah was passionate in giving honest tidbits about how the industry functions and about sustainability being the beacon for the industry.  


The webinar started with Ms. Neethu, an associate faculty at DOT School of design in the department of Fashion Design, giving insights about how the department handles the subjects. She gave detailed information about the various hands-on sessions, the infrastructure and facilities at DOT for the budding designers. She also highlighted how entrepreneurship was one of the major aspects of the fashion design course at the institute. The students learn to handle multiple mediums of fashion design and are introduced to the rich history and cultural values that make up the core of the subject. Along with that, the students also gain entrepreneurial skills to develop & sustain their own brand or line of clothing. 


After the presentation by Ms.Neethu, there was a short video break which showcased the experience of the current students of DOT. Post which, Ms. Sanah Sharma started her presentation. She elaborated on her various experiences and expertise. Being the founder of a sustainable Label and an environmental activist, she stressed on the importance of sustainable practices in the industry. Having mentioned all the ways to make the industry more environmentally conscious, she also spoke about the various career opportunities. Fashion Designer graduates can choose from a multitude of career opportunities including, Fashion stylists, retail manager, retail buyer, costume designer in movies and on video games.  


She introduced the students to digital fashion design, where the designs were rendered digitally to reduce production overheads. Especially with the onslaught of covid-19, the industry is getting a massive facelift where fashion shows are conducted digitally. The students were fascinated by the idea of online runways.  


After her presentation, both Ms.Neethu & Ms. Sanah answered all the questions of the students about the academical and industrial perspectives of Fashion Design. The session ended with all the participant’s queries being resolved and with a renewed understanding of how the industry actually functions.

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