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The 5C’s of cinematography | DOT Workshop

DOT Content Team
October 17, 2020
2 min read

Image of camera with 5C's of Cinematography title on it

What is cinematography?

Cinematography is as important to filmmaking as a lens is to a camera. Neither can function without the other. Hence, cinematographers have one of the most essential jobs in any film production. A good cinematographer needs to know the physics of optics, the chemistry of laboratory processing, the electronics of video cameras and the mathematics of exposure. If ever there is a profession that married science and art, it is the cinematography.

A banner image showing workshop details of DOT School of Design

What the workshop is all about ?

 DOT school of design is conducting a 4 weekend cinematography workshop on “ The 5C’s of cinematography” for the aspiring students and working directors of photography. They learn about how lighting, camera, and lens technology can help them achieve their artistic intentions. The workshop is led by Mr. AZHAGIYA MANAVALAN, cinematographer and director in the film industry with more than two decades of experience. His proficiency in cinematography with the latest equipment and technology as well as his sound communication and project management skills are appreciated and followed by the next generation.

Our chief mentor looking on through camera screen placed before him

The duration of this workshop is four weekends where you will learn the fundamental techniques and the wide world of aesthetic possibilities for cinema style production . The goal of this workshop is to make you understand the requirements and rigors of filmmaking as well as experience the exhilaration of seeing a completed project. It also highlights the advantages of using digital technology and addresses the challenges and limitations of various digital formats.

The workshop is for :

  • Passionate individuals who want to learn to make movies
  • Emerging cinematographers and videographers
  • Students who are considering films as a vocational pursuit
  • Film industry/ media professionals working in any department
  • Aspiring you tube or online content creators
  • Educators /trainers [to make films as a tool for training].

A banner image featuring online workshop details of DOT School of Design

Key  takeaways:

  • The importance of the 5c’s in cinematography
  • How a digital camera works
  • Different sensors and understanding its technical specifications.
  • Understanding the video codes and its types
  • Shutter and its angle
  • Camera formats
  • Pre production and post-production
  • Choosing the right camera and lens.

Starts Nov 7th, 2020

Workshop fee: Rs. 10,000/-

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