DOT School of Design is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure in learning spaces designed to train and inspire students. Students are instructed in classrooms, furnished with technologically rich resources that facilitate digital innovation and enhance the learning experience. Laboratories and research facilities are the backbone of hands-on design education and each department is uniquely furnished to serve their distinctness. At the same time, we are fully aware of the demands of an ever evolving design field and are well prepared to adapt to those changes. On the whole, our infrastructure is meticulously assembled to provide students an environment that influence them to experiment on ideas, innovate on design and ultimately advance their scholastic practices.







State of the art Workshops & Labs

1. Industrial Design and Spatial Design

Here in DOT School of Design we understand how the whole progress of industrial design works, from the idea conception till the final product. We believe that as a learner a designer must go through all these evolution of product making in order to bring out the final product.
Our curriculum and infrastructure provides a platform for the students to explore their idea conception through developing their freehand sketching to the digital sketching.
Our well-equipped labs having powerful hand tools to explore their prototyping, then to create a full end product by themselves with the state of the art Metal and Wood workshop with industrial standards machines.

Large Machines

Drill Press
Metal Lathe
Wood Lathe
Bench Grinder
Bench Sander
Vacuum Cleaner
Metal cutting machine
Rod Bending machine

Power tools

Hand tools

We have an improved CNC lab for the students to experience their hands on the new technological method of production too.


CO2 CNC Laser Cutter
3D Printer
Foam Cutter

2. Communication Design

Sound and Dubbing Studio

Updated technology, compact for students use

Live mixture software and equipment used in sound industry
Zoom recorders and accessories to record high end Foley sounds
Industry standard DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to learn sound editing, mixing, mastering and designing.
Fully acoustical control room and recording room for student’s use
State-of-the-art stereo Mixing and Mastering studio.

Communication lab

Apple iMac (desktop computer)
Professional Software
Davinci Resolve
Sony and Blackmagic Cinema cameras
Hero action camera
On location sound equipment
Green Room

Photography lab

Apple iMac (desktop computer)
Sony and Canon Photography cameras
Dark Room

3. Textile & Fashion Design

High tech equipment’s
Spacious classrooms
Endless opportunity to explore and learn
Well ventilated dying and printing labs.
Extensive material library.
Versatile Yarn collection.
Well-equipped Weaving facility.
State of the art dyeing and printing facility.
Experienced faculty with industrial exposure.
Well-equipped print and surface development studio.
Encouraging students to develop hands on approach to learning.
Extensive labs and learning studios

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Weaving labs

Weaving labs equipped with ergonomic table top handlooms.
A great platform to explore different kinds of weaving.
Extensive fiber and yarn library

Sewing labs

Well equipped with state of the art facilities.
High tech sewing machines
Well-equipped pattern making studio equipped with wide array of mannequins and garmenting tools.

Printing Facility

In-house screen making facility.
Screen printing studio.
Block printing facility.
Exposure to state-of-the-art printing software.

Dyeing lab

Dyeing lab with state of the art equipment.
Natural dyeing facility with wide collection of natural dyes and mordents.
Well trained lab technicians.
State of the art equipment.
Safe and well ventilated working space
Introducing the students to extensive array of dyeing techniques.
Faculties with industrial experience.

4. Other Facilities

Stationary Corner


Bus Facilities around Chennai

AV Room

Dolby Atmos theatre with 2k projection

Amphitheatre – Spacious outdoor

Hostel Facilities