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Career Options for Communication Design

DOT Content Team
July 14, 2022
4 min read

Communication design is an audio-visual language used to attract, inform, inspire, and evoke a response from a target audience in order to either inform the end user about a product or service, develop a brand, drive sales, or support a humanitarian cause. Communication design is a field that covers the use of graphic design, animation, and multimedia tools. It affects every area of our lives, whether we are watching an ad on television, playing a video game, using a mobile app, or being seduced by an interesting book cover. It is a commercial art form that maybe mastered through careful study and practice. You will be entrusted with visually mesmerizing the target audience, armed with trade tools.

After completing the communication design course, you will be able to start your professional career as a Junior Designer with any design studio or firm, or you can even go into the market as a freelancer. Regardless of where you are in the career ladder, your primary responsibilities as a communication designer will be to sell, entertain, and inform the audience while also adding a touch of aesthetics to the viewer’s entire visual experience.

In such a world, words alone are insufficient to convey information, so aesthetically appealing art becomes essential. According to studies, 84 percent of communication is done visually. Communication art mixes art and technology to visually transmit ideas and thoughts. The design business seeks designs that not only attract attention but are also awe-inspiring enough to create a lasting effect on onlookers.

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Many creative agencies have sprung up throughout the years as new businesses seek aesthetically attractive designs to develop their brand image. Because these organizations offer visual solutions, communication designers are in high demand. Businesses that cannot afford creative agencies opt for freelance visual designers. So, in every way, there is a necessity for communication design.

As a communication designer, you have various fascinating job options, whether your specialty is graphic design or another element of the dynamic field.

1. Advertising

Advertising provides opportunities for designers who are creative, able to create ad campaigns, logos and symbols for print ads in magazines, adverts on websites, and product packaging. Advertising designers are in charge of the graphic design team and report to a creative director and an art director. An advertising designer conducts market research and develops methods for visual communication.

2. Informative Designers

Informative design is the process of displaying information in a way that makes it most accessible and easily understood by breaking down text-heavy facts and figures into acceptable information. Information design is a growing subfield of graphic design and communication design. With a major focus on function and utility, information designers utilize text and graphics to beautifully display non-visual information (facts and numbers). Their job is to intelligently interpret non-visual information and deliver it in an understandable manner.

3. Type Designer

Font’s! Type design is the skilled art and trade of developing typefaces or font families, and Type Designers are creative individuals who practise this art. Type design is frequently mistaken with typography, which is a method of organizing type elements to make written text more appealing to read. However, type design is progressively becoming recognised as a serious profession in India, with individuals such as Satya Rajpurohit (Founder, Indian Type Foundry) setting out to create typefaces for diverse Indian scripts, including Devanagari.

4. Graphic Designer

To pursue a career in this profession, one must combine communication and visual arts talents in order to express more complicated ideas in a way that is valuable to businesses and consumers. Organizations seek graphic designers with a thorough comprehension of content philosophy, knowledge of the complete production process, a strong grasp of typographic concepts, and a sense of color theory. Graphic designers use design tools to create books, periodicals, flyers, and other materials.

5. UI/UX Designer

If you want to be a UI Designer, you should be able to focus your efforts on perfecting the product layout to ensure that the app layout is user-friendly and interesting. A UI designer should strive for uniformity in design language and visual elements. To build an appealing user interface, the UI designer must have great visual design talents. A professional UX designer’s job is to produce an intuitive and interactive design that answers an end user’s problem while also providing a delightful experience. If you want to be a UX Designer, you should be able to focus on improving the overall user experience through research, testing, and the technical structure of the product.

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Irrespective of any specialization of design there are few ground rules that every designer must apply.

    • Time Management
    • Research
    • Strategy
    • Presentation skills
    • Writing skills

Communication Design and its sub-disciplines necessitate solid technical understanding as well as the ability to adapt an idea to the needs of a client. Given the technical and skill-intensive nature of this job, investing one’s time in a reputable design programme at an institution that offers a specialist degree in this field may be beneficial. A good design institute will teach students the artistic and technical aspects of the field while also providing opportunity for project-based and experiential learning. Following that, on-the-job experience helps to shape one’s goals. As a result, seize any and all great possibilities that come your way, as each one will be a life-learning experience that will add layers to you as a novice designer.

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