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What It Means To Be A Successful Textile Designer

Textile Designers focus mainly on developing trending designs on materials. To see their unique design become a widely popular trend is every textile designer’s dream. When students complete their textile design courses, they step into the textile industry racing to achieve their goals, build a prolific career and attain fame and recognition. So, why is Textile Design becoming a popular choice amongst students? It is a deviation from all the mainstream courses, and even from its sister course, Fashion Designing, which most students prefer. But only very few people realize the potential of Textile Design, which is a niche course. It is perfect for those who seek a platform to express their creativity without any limitations.

Textile Design courses: Who can study them?

  • It is apt for students who are naturally inclined towards weaves, textures, fabrics, patterns, etc.
  • Apt for people who have a keen eye for detail.
  • Good choice for nature lovers and those who derive inspiration from nature.
  • Apt for students who prefer an independent working environment to establish one’s own brand and enterprise.
  • Those who are looking forward to collaborating with big names and fashion houses.
  • Apt for students who have a flair for creativity, innovation, and technical abilities.

The work environment in the textile industry

The work environment for a textile designer differs with the company, and the designation. Established textile designers will have their team of young graduates and interns. But to get to that ultimate stage, one will have to work their way through many designations and organizations and expend their skills on the factory floor, design studios, and backroom offices.

If young textile designers take measured and goal-oriented steps in their career, they will establish themselves as independent freelancers and work from the comfort of their own design studios.

Textile designing and its commercial scope

Fashion has no expiry date. It will last as long as we last. Both fashion and the textile industry have no limitations when it comes to scope and opportunities. Being a worldwide necessity, textile designers can find jobs in any corner of the world. It is also one of the fastest growing industries clocking up almost 7-8% growth in most countries.

In India, good textile designers are a rare commodity and the industry welcomes talented designers with open arms. Jobs opportunities can also be found in other avenues such as:

  • Fashion houses.
  • Garment manufacturing units.
  • Retail chains.
  • High-end boutiques.
  • Media and entertainment industry.
  • Interior design companies.
  • Knitwear companies.
  • Apparel manufacturers.

Job roles and remuneration for textile designers

Upon completion of the UG, PG or diploma course, students can apply for various jobs with exciting designations. Some of the most popular job roles for a textile designer are:

  • Embroidery designer.
  • Senior textile designer.
  • Fabric resource manager.
  • Trend analyst.
  • Textile consultant.
  • Interior fabric designer.
  • Knitwear designer.
  • Wallpaper designer.

While textile designers may earn upto Rs 15,000 or 20,000 as starting salary, fabric resource managers may earn more if they have more experience. The remuneration differs with the person’s qualifications, industry experience, and the organization. Textile designers who go on to create their own brand identity have a large scope in terms of opportunities and monetary profit.

DOT School of Design: Chennai’s leading institute for textile design courses

DOT School of Design offers a two year PG Diploma Textile Design course with a curriculum that is designed to impart theoretical and practical knowledge required to develop creative and innovative textile designs. We prime our students to carve a niche for themselves in this fiercely competitive industry.

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