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A discipline that combines design and information creation, communication design is focused on how media interact with audiences. It focuses on the development of new media channels to make sure the message reaches the intended audience. Due to the overlap in expertise, some designers use the terms graphic design and communication design interchangeably.

Communication design aims to attract, inspire, arouse desire in, and inspire people to act on messages. It may involve influencing behavior, spreading a message, or disseminating information. Communication design is a process that incorporates strategic business thinking, market research, problem-solving, creativity, and technical expertise in areas like color theory, page layout, typography, and constructing visual hierarchy. Communication designers use a range of media to translate concepts and information.

Communication design at DOT

With our teaching approach, students are not only encouraged to learn but also to increase their creative zeal and communication knowledge through practical exercises. Putting ideas into practice, students will explore more practical activities and resolve authentic problems. Over 4 years you will be made sure that you are strong & confident with the basics like principles of design, typography, color and form before advanced lessons like user interface and user experience (UI/UX), digital graphics, publication design, advanced photo manipulation.

Students submit a graduation project by the conclusion of their final year that displays all the knowledge and abilities they have acquired and refined throughout the course of the programme. They finish their communication design bachelor programme with a jury evaluating their work, prepared for a reputable placements.

Worktable with books arranged near the laptop, mobile phone lying on an open book with notepad, pencil, and eraser beside.

DOT is confident in its ability to provide students with quality education with our renowned faculty from prestigious universities, industry professionals serving as advisers, regular syllabus updates, and industry-viable infrastructure. Enrolling in our communication design course will enable you to polish your talents and get ready with a wide range of employment options.


DOT is well equipped to be placed with a premium placement cell helping students find their professional spaces.

Communication Design graduates have countless opportunities to put their abilities to use in a range of businesses, including publishing houses, advertising agencies, digital media firms, human-centered research groups, and nonprofits. They can work on a variety of projects in the fields of art direction, branding and identity design, packaging design, social media design, illustration, publication design, photography. They can start their own business or work as a freelance designer.

D- SPRAC: A Design incubation & research initiation

D-SPARC is a design-focused community of ambitious and passionate problem solvers who have a pragmatic yet futuristic approach to research and development. D-SPARC aspires to mold and shape its members to be responsible creators, participative collaborators and successful leaders.

  • Design Thinking
  • Publication Design
  • Freehand Drawing
  • Basic Animation And Storytelling
  • Materials & Production
  • Interactive Media
  • Form Space And Order
  • Sound Design
  • Design & Production Drawing
  • Elements Of Film
  • Liberal Arts: Cultural Studies
  • Packaging Design
  • Color & Composition
  • Design Management & Professional Practice
  • Basic Graphics, Typography, Photography
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Design Process & Research Methodology
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Advanced Graphics And Imaging
  • Product Graphics
  • Film Theory And Structure
  • Internship (Industrial Practicum)
  • Ethnography
  • Graduation Projects In Design


In order to enroll in the Communication Design course at DOT, which has a limited number of seats, we require certain competencies from our students, such as visualization techniques, innovation and creativity, a very good eye for detail, observational techniques, communication proficiency, business knowledge, visual thinking and persuasiveness.


What Course Must I Join To Pursue My Communication Designing Dreams After The 12th Grade?

DOT School Of Design offers a B.Des course in Communication Designing for candidates who have just successfully completed their 12th grade / HSC / Equivalent diploma. The course is designed to teach all the basics one must pursue towards a career in Communication Designing.

What Is The Selection Criteria To Join B.Des Communication Design In DOT?

Eligible candidates have to undertake DOT-DAT (Design Aptitude Test) conducted by DOT. Check on DOT-DAT (Design Aptitude Test) for more information about the test.

How Good Is Your Faculty For Communication Design?

DOT School of Design has the best faculty who possess more than a decade of experience in the Communication Design field. Please visit Faculties to know more about the profile of our faculties

Does DOT Arrange For Placement Assistance For Its Graduating Students?
At DOT School of Design, we have different programs to assist students in carving their path into the future. One of the assistance programs is INCO - Industry Connect, which connects industrial experts and students. Another assistance program is IRC - Incubation Research Centre, where the students are given assistance in various ways to come up with their own designs or projects and become an entrepreneur. The third program is Fablab where a designer is given physical space and tools at DOT to do their projects. The designer can also get DOT students into their project if need be. These assistance from DOT to students are not only for their career, but also for their academic projects.
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