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Communication Design is all about reaching out to the viewer with a visual that carries a message. As the name conveys, it is a discipline of art that deals with the designing of a communication system, and covers every aspect that is critical to delivering an idea, message, or concept clearly through audio or visual channels.


DOT School of Design offers one of the best Communication Design courses in Chennai for students who would love to unleash their creativity in novel ways. Bachelors in Communication Design at DOT is a 4 year professional course.

First year of the course deals with basics and fundamentals of creativity and design thinking modules like sketching, communication, liberal science, mind mapping, form, color and composition study. Students also get to learn parallel disciplines such as basics of graphic design, photography skills in their second semester.

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Second year takes the students to the core technicalities in Communication Design.

By the third year, students get their subject knowledge in design process, research methodology, drawings and illustration, visual storytelling, theory and structures, mediums and technology and computer aided design tools in a more advanced and stronger manner.

With the start of their final year, students are prepared for their professional experience through design management, Intellectual property rights, portfolio skills and a professional internship from industry.

By the end of the final year, students complete a graduation project that showcases all their knowledge and skills they learnt and developed through the whole program. With a jury evaluating their works, they complete their bachelor program in Communication Design, equipped for a quality placement or for their own start up.

  • Design Thinking
  • Publication Design
  • Freehand Drawing
  • Basic Animation And Story Telling
  • Materials & Production
  • Interactive Media
  • Form Space And Order
  • Sound Design
  • Design & Production Drawing
  • Elements Of Film
  • Liberal Arts: Cultural Studies
  • Packaging Design
  • Color & Composition
  • Design Management & Professional Practice
  • Basic Graphics, Typography, Photography
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Design Process & Research Methodology
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Advanced Graphics And Imaging
  • Product Graphics
  • Film Theory And Structure
  • Internship (Industrial Practicum)
  • Ethnography
  • Graduation Projects In Design

With eminent faculties from esteemed universities, industry experts as advisors, regular updation of syllabus and industry viable infrastructure, DOT is confident in delivering a quality and value education to students.Enrolling in our Communication design course helps you to sharpen your skills and prepare with an unlimited scope to choose an illustrious career.


Enrolling in a Communication Design programme would help students understand the versatile nature of the creative industry and gain invaluable insight into the diverse areas it encompasses. The specially designed courses equip students with creative thinking skills and technical expertise so that they can learn to tell stories and craft messages using a wide variety of media, including the content, form and delivery.

As the entire world goes digital, there is no industry that is not using Visual Communication, making Communication Designers an indispensable part of every industry. Communication Design graduates have boundless scope to use their skills in a variety of organizations ranging from a publishing house to an advertising agency, digital media agencies, to a human centered research organization or a nonprofit. They can engage in a wide array of projects in the area of Art Direction, Branding and Identity Design, Packaging Design, Social Media Design, Illustration, Publication Design, Photography, Book and Book Cover Design, Film Title Design, Motion Graphics, Animation and Film Making, Signage Design, Interaction Design, Website Design, User Interface and User Experience Design (UI/UX), Design for Exhibitions and Museum Spaces, Design Education, Design for Social Good and Design Research. They can even venture out into the market as an independent design consultant or entrepreneur.


To thwart the general misconception about Communication Design and Graphic Design, we underline the stark differences between both fields of art.

Graphic Design limits the focus to using design and development of key graphics to use in digital and media print, social media platforms, websites, and mobile apps. Communication design, however, is a more generalized discipline, with an extensive range of training aspects that include illustrations, presentation, digital design, computer animations, VFX work, and photography.

Communication Design allows the creator to design how the message should be conveyed to the audience.


To excel in our Communication Design course, we expect a definitive set of skills from graduates. We look for:

  • Innate creative ability with artistic vision.
  • Inclination towards technology and computer skills.
  • Good visualization and the ability to implement ideas.
  • Impressive observational skills and an eye for detail.


What Course Must I Join To Pursue My Communication Designing Dreams After The 12th Grade?

DOT School Of Design offers a B.Des course in Communication Designing for candidates who have just successfully completed their 12th grade / HSC / Equivalent diploma. The course is designed to teach all the basics one must pursue towards a career in Communication Designing.

What Is The Selection Criteria To Join B.Des Communication Design In DOT?

Eligible candidates have to undertake DOT-DAT (Design Aptitude Test) conducted by DOT. Check on DOT-DAT (Design Aptitude Test) for more information about the test.

How Good Is Your Faculty For Communication Design?

DOT School of Design has the best faculty who possess more than a decade of experience in the Communication Design field. Please visitĀ Faculties to know more about the profile of our faculties

Does DOT Arrange For Placement Assistance For Its Graduating Students?
At DOT School of Design, we have different programs to assist students in carving their path into the future. One of the assistance programs is INCO - Industry Connect, which connects industrial experts and students. Another assistance program is IRC - Incubation Research Centre, where the students are given assistance in various ways to come up with their own designs or projects and become an entrepreneur. The third program is Fablab where a designer is given physical space and tools at DOT to do their projects. The designer can also get DOT students into their project if need be. These assistance from DOT to students are not only for their career, but also for their academic projects.
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