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Creative Careers For Graduates From Design Institutes In India

Creative Careers For Graduates From Design Institutes In India

If you are a person labelled as creative and you love to wear that label with pride, then the design industry is the one that will serve you right. As a creative person, you will have an impressive eye for details, colours, and an immense sense of style. A career in the design industry will help you explore the different faculties of mind and put your skill to good use. 

At DOT School of Design, we are one of the top design institutes in India that offer specialised courses for those who love to pursue a career in the design industry. The courses are designed to make every student industry-ready with the required skills and practical knowledge. In India, there are a wide array of careers in the design field. Some of the popular design jobs are:

  • Graphic designer
  • User interface designer
  • Photographer
  • Interior designer
  • Multimedia artist
  • Animator
  • Art director
  • Advertising
  • Fashion designer
  • Film editor
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Top Jobs After Graduating From Design Institutes

Graphic Designing

In India, graphic design is a popular career choice. The job role includes creating designs for brands, marketing collaterals, educational purposes, websites, and more. A graphic designer should combine their artistic skill with technical skills to get the desired output. The technical skills they will need include the ability to use all the software in Adobe Creative Suite, web designing, typesetting, packaging, and using social media. Graphic designers can work as freelancers, contractors, or full-time employees. 

User Interface Designing

User interface designers are people who design and create the interface of websites and applications. They will have to analyse specialised user requirements and design the interface accordingly. They help companies make up-to-date design changes for product websites. The skills required for a UX designer include visual designing, researching, prototyping, UX wireframing, and the ability to use Adobe Creative Suite.


Photography is another interesting field in the design industry. A photographer combines their technical skills of using a camera with their expert composition skills to document an event as a series of photos. The majority of photographers work with digital cameras. They need to use editing software to compose these events. They will be required to travel to different locations to shoot the event. They can have their own studios or work as freelance photographers. Some of the desired skills for a photographer include photo editing skills using Adobe Photoshop, digital photography, product sales, customer service, and the ability to use social media. 

Interior Designing

If you love to design the interior space of a home or office, interior designing will be the right career choice. You will need skills in computer-aided designing, communications, customer service, sales, and purchase. As interior design professionals, you will be required to improve the aesthetic appeal, colour schemes, flooring, furniture, lighting, and other elements. You also need to use design software to communicate an idea and work with builders, architects, and structural engineers.

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Other Popular Design Jobs

Multimedia Development And Animation

Multimedia is also a preferred design field in India. Animators and artists create, edit, and apply special effects for content designed for television, print, movies, and video games. They need to have skills in software like Maya, Adobe Creative Suite, UX wireframing, graphic designing, motion graphics. Most multimedia specialists are self-employed with their design studios or work from home. 


Art Direction

Art direction is another niche design field that finds its application in a variety of sectors. An art director manages a team of design professionals. They review and approve all the work before presenting them to the clients. They need to be skilled in project management, creative direction, budgeting, graphic designing, and Adobe Creative Suite. 


Skills in creating ad campaigns and digital advertisements are great for a design professional working in the advertising industry. It is a job for creative people who have a good understanding of sales and marketing a product. 

Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is another interesting field for design professions. They need to be skilled in sketching and designing new fashion statements and study the latest fashion trends. 


Editing is another design job where one will be working for the movies or media to assist the editing process. 

So, get set to explore the immense possibilities of the design field with a career that promises you abundant opportunities. We wish you all the very best!

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