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Doodle art

DOT Content Team
May 6, 2022
3 min read

Doodle your fun imaginations.

The INCO WEEK 2022 took place  at DOT SCHOOL OF DESIGN from 14th-19th March.

“Doodling is a kind of meditation” Pooja is from Chennai and studied Fashion Designing, B.Des-Bachelor of Design, alumni at  NIFT Delhi. Pooja Sitharthan is an abstract artist, a graphic artist, a designer, and a multi-talented individual. She is currently working at cover it up as a business analyst.

The session began with the speaker asking the audience about their version of doodling and the answer varied from person to person. The students with at most interest and aspiration followed all the details of the doodle that were being explained. She had elaborated her answers to the audience understanding their ability of knowledge that doodling is like meditation the more your concentrate the better it gets. “To doodle” means “to draw, sketch, or scribble idly,” typically while doing anything else.

Doodles are basic drawings that might be abstract shapes or have a clear representational purpose. When you doodle while doing something else, such as talking on the phone, sitting at school, or in a meeting, you may start scribbling different forms, patterns, and designs on the paper before you know what you’re doing.

Stress, boredom, and pressure are common causes for these hand-drawn shapes. Some people become bored during meetings because they despise doing nothing, so they begin to doodle to pass the time.

In the initial part of the session Pooja introduced doodling to the pupils, urging that they develop their own unique patterns. She also tried to emphasize that she started doodling just as a passion but later the same passion had turned out to be the career.


She was the founder of the company “The happiness factory” where Pooja would doddle her pieces on various merchandise. Pooja emphasized the pupils create their unique doodles rather than just copying. This workshop was meaningful to the students because they saw the need of tackling diverse beliefs creatively. The students were given two activities to doodle by answering questions based on their likes and dislikes about various different things that could include anything according to their personal choice questionnaire, like favorite food, person, important dates, and were asked to doodle. 

This individual activity had engrossed the students to an extent that they lost track of time and were highly immersed in creating their own identity through their doodling. One student from each department was asked to come and explain their doodle. 

On finishing, the second activity was a grouped activity where the students divided themselves into groups according to their class and were asked to relieve all their memories related to their classroom. With their unique ideologies they doodled about the classroom memories including the generous imitations of the faculty that helps them stay active during the class hours.

There were about 8 groups across various disciplines trying to get their impression of the best classroom memory the entire class can relate too. Each group right from sharing common factors with their classmates to imitating the faculty did the best of their ability and had also enjoyed every doodle done.

The students came up with such diverse ideas and incidents which not only kept them entertaining but also the rest of the audience.   By sharing their drawings with the audience, the pupils were able to express their creative side. The overall take away from the fun session that the audience could clearly take away was that creativity is more of a unique process that has to be cherished every time.

As the session came to an end a memorandum of gratitude was handed  to pooja by DOT SCHOOL OF DESIGN.

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