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Is A Fashion Design Course Required For A Fashion Forecaster?

Is A Fashion Design Course Required For A Fashion Forecaster?

The fashion industry is a volatile industry where a trend of today might change tomorrow. The change is fast-paced, and a fashion designer should keep track of the trends that can change from season to season. A fashion forecaster is a person who can predict fashion trends. They are the backbone of the fashion industry who help designers and fashion retailers to create outfits and brands that are very well-staying in trend. They can accurately predict the fabrics, textures, colours, prints, graphics, accessories, footwear, and silhouettes that will be the ramp and fashion retail trend for every season. They can be a graduate of a fashion design course or have immense experience in the field. 

Formal education will help a fashion forecaster understand the basics of the fashion industry, designing, and fabrics. At our design institute in Chennai, founded by eminent architects and designers, we offer design courses that provide immense expertise and knowledge about the industry. Our curriculum is crafted with tangible projects, hands-on learning that meets the industry standards. A fashion designer has to deal with a wide range of fabrics, fabric designs, colours, and clothing, and it is tough to identify the ones that will become popular. A fashion forecaster will ease the job for us.

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Importance Of A Fashion Forecaster In Fashion Designing

Forecasting is a task that dictates most of the business. The ability to accurately forecast business results will enable companies to plan and strategise accordingly. A fashion forecaster does the same for the fashion industry. A leading fashion designer in Chennai explained that forecasting is extremely useful as they can confidently create products that all will like. A fashion forecaster examines new and developing trends to analyse. They will have a data-driven approach that will help determine the trends that will influence the fashion world. All new developments across the creative industry like fine arts, interiors, jewellery, accessories will influence the forecasting.


A fashion forecaster must have comprehensive knowledge about the global fashion industry. They must have knowledge of the culture and the cultural shifts to help designers create sustainable fashion. Fashion forecasting can be short-term or long-term. Short-term forecasting is fad forecasting. It is the trend that will emerge and fade within the span of 1 or 2 years. Long-term forecasting considers fashion trends for 5 to 10 years. It is a process of developing fashion strategies, product lines, and brand images that will sustain for the long term. 

Technology plays a vital role in fashion forecasting. The internet gives access to celebrity collections, new looks, and upcoming designers. Trends that are likely to catch on can be quickly assessed using technology. Assisting fashion designers, retailers, and the textile industry to create designs that will attract customers is the main role of a fashion forecaster. It is not just creating; they also help sell the brands by finding the right market. A fashion enthusiast will easily get bored with repetitive designs and styles. A fresh idea is the need of the hour; else, we will fall behind the race as new trends come and go quicker than before. Now, there are thousands of fashion retailers and brands vying to attract customers. Fashion forecasters understand what is trending now that will help you stay on top of things.

The Role Of A Fashion Forecaster In The Fashion Industry

A fashion retailer in Chennai states that fashion is now a hot topic and not just the elite; even the commoner has access to it. Now, we don’t have to wait for months for a particular trend to catch up and arrive at the retail space. It is fast as consumers have direct access to new trends created in the fashion weeks across the globe. Retailers are under constant pressure to catch up on the trend. They need to keep an eye on the spring and autumn fashion weeks, lifestyle shifts, and celebrity style. Fashion forecasters have a major impact on the fashion industry as they plan and help designers, labels, and brands create new collections easily sold in the market. 

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