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Design can be in everything. For a field that has its fabric spread over a large share of things in the world, it is very tricky to create a curriculum and pedagogy that fits in a definite period of time. Though learning progresses throughout a designer’s life, it is necessary to carefully select and arrange the most definitely needed courses, facilities and environment during their learning period.

Design being an activity of a combination of intellectual, emotional and physical inputs, DOT‘s pedagogy is built on 5 strong foundation principles addressing these inputs. They are as follows:

From the moment of comprehending a problem to working towards creating a design solution, the process has been non-linear, compelling the designer to make several decisions. The principal decision-making factors involved in this non-linear process are Art and aesthetics, Design history, User-centric approach, Form space & order, Liberal arts and Learn through travelling. As a designer, learning the method of problem-solving through these major decision-making factors helps ameliorate the design value, both in the product and the designer.

Design being an interdisciplinary field, we believe that laying out a platform for various design fields, like Industrial Design, Communication Design, Fashion Design and Interior Design under a single roof will help the students to work parallel in all streams of design. Our curriculum also has rudimentary modules in other design fields.

"Genius is when an idea and the execution of that idea are simultaneous"
- Albert Einstein

As it is important to focus on creating a good design concept using design values, executing it into a final product is equally significant. A designer with just concepts and without the knowledge of creating the end product is defective. Students will be taught various production methods like

Handcraft - Art Studios for pottery and painting, a manual weaving lab, hand working carpentry space.

Industrial Machines - Metal Workshop, Woodworking workshop, Printing technology lab, Photography darkroom, Garment construction lab, Pattern-making workshop.

Digital tools - Resource lab, Sound design lab, Photography lab, Dolby Atmos video room

Additive manufacturing - 3D Printing machine, Laser cutting machine, etc.

Education doesn't stop with learning the core modules and production methods alone. DOT focuses on three major additional skills that will help the students to get trained in their profession before they enter the industrial world. Our students get equipped with the best design management skills, fabricating a project from its brief till the final execution of their graduation project, and helping them in finding the best industrial internship opportunities to understand the professional methods beforehand.

It's beautiful when career and passion come together. The great design minds that are developed during their learning period at the institution, need to be placed at the right industrial platform or should be given an opportunity to start up on their own. DOT has two intense career-connect operations to assist with the student's career; INCO - Industry Connect programs to connect with major industries as well as design firms and Entrepreneurship cells for the confident young minds to start on their own ideas. D-SPRAC is a design-focused incubation and research community for ambitious and passionate problem solvers who have a pragmatic yet futuristic approach to innovation, research and development. It aims to nurture entrepreneurial skills of a young and talented generation and shape the students to be responsible creators, participative collaborators and successful leaders.

Our five strong foundation principles of pedagogy are created through a meticulous study on the design education history, a vast understanding on current industrial methods and practices along with a study of the future of design. In short, DOT’s pedagogy helps the students respect the history of design, learn from the pioneers, work with the craftsmen, equip them for the industrial world & prepare them for the digital future.

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