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Fusion of the organic and fabric!!

DOT Content Team
July 8, 2022
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For generations, nature’s beauty, diversity, and power have served as a rich source of inspiration for fashion. Flower, feather, and animal prints are no longer uncommon in lists of seasonal trends. This style expresses our mutual joy and interest with the natural world. Sustainable fashion is a term that is increasingly being used and overused, with little evidence to back it up these days, as we all become more aware of the serious environmental impact of our clothes, with the industry accounting for a startling four to ten percent of global greenhouse-gas emissions each year. But what exactly does “sustainable fashion” imply? In a nutshell, it’s an umbrella phrase for clothes that are manufactured and used in a way that can be literally sustained, while also safeguarding the environment and those who make them.

Paris fashion week: spring/summer menswear 2023 held in the month of june witnessed a whirlwind of variety creatives that inspired and blew the minds of many. With a similar understanding of sustainability, famous fashion designer Jonathan Andrewson at Loewe, showcased a very creative amalgamation of nature and technology at the spring summer 2023 menswear show. Loewe is a famous Spanish luxury fashion brand founded in the year 1846 and specializes in clothing, leather goods, perfumes and other fashion accessories.

Loewe‘s runway collection for the spring/summer collection 2023 was nothing but an extraordinary mixture of technology and nature. A “FUSION OF ORGANIC AND FABRIC”.

Nature also took the spotlight at Loewe, which displayed coats, jackets, pants, and sneakers with grass blades growing out of them. These were planted with the help of Spanish fashion designer Paula Ulargui Escalona, demonstrating the natural inspirations of Loewe creative director Jonathan Anderson. But Anderson was also thinking about technology, as evidenced by T-shirts, coats, and masks fitted with displays showing sunsets and bird flight.

Jonathan Anderson is well renowned for his subversive and surreal explorations. The designer is known for putting gender- and mind-bending ideas on the catwalk at both his eponymous brand JW Anderson and as creative director of Spanish luxury brand Loewe. His footwear, in particular, has become a calling sign for fashion’s more inquisitive arm, with eggshell and rose petal heels or enormous hardware knots accentuating his ensembles as artistic objects. Anderson applied that inquiry to pre-existing conceptions of sustainable fashion in Loewe’s spring/summer ’23 men’s collection. Plants were grown on a variety of substrates over the course of 20 days in partnership with Paula Ulargui Escalona. The designer attached grasses and plants on clothing and shoes. This was a working through of concepts from the deep-thinking designer, who compared the process to a time in the 1970s when people would take LSD to come up with solutions for how to continue in a fast changing environment.

This collection is not a commentary on what is going on in the world, but it is more about how if we experiment, we might be able to find other techniques within fashion to progress.’ “It’s this concept of how nature can lead technology, or technology can lead nature,” Anderson remarked.

The walk took place in a vast, white-painted space characterized as a “mind-expanding atmosphere.” Loewe created a massive sloping bulk that transformed into an angular runway for the Spring Summer 2023 collection. The show space’s starkness was meant to play off the collection’s themes of the natural and artificial, creating an almost clinical and laboratory-style space.Loewe’s visitors were seated at the bottom and right in front of the sloped volume, which provided views of each model appearing from the back-lit horizon. “The real and the digitally recreated,” the brand stated. “Nature and technology collide in a starkly white, mind-blowing scene. A selection that contrasts in order to invite new viewpoints.”

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