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Say No To Myths And Get Educated From The Best Design Colleges In India

Say No To Myths And Get Educated From The Best Design Colleges In India

Every occupation is shrouded with some stereotypical thought process that impacts how people approach a job or the job role. Designers or a design job has a set of stereotypical beliefs and myths that are sometimes hard to justify or even disapprove of. One interesting belief is that designers or most creative people can be very untidy or messy. It is a century-old belief that creative people are never bothered about house chores. They are people who are dreamy and do not have the time to manage themselves or the home. A few designers can be very fussy about their time. A successful designer will have their hands full that will keep them busy from doing other tasks. A small distraction will make them lose focus. It will slow down the design process reducing efficiency and speed. 

A designer will spend more time to gain customer satisfaction and get more projects. More projects will lead to more money. Experienced and professionally qualified designers organise and keep their space uncluttered to have clarity and less distraction. Professionalism can only be achieved by pursuing a formal design education. At Dot School Of Design, one of the leading design colleges in India, we offer some of the best design courses for students. The curriculum enables us to create skilled and expert designers who are industry-ready and have the required quality to handle the diverse design world.

Some Interesting Misconceptions Related To The Design Field

Customers Are Always Right

A few design companies in India still believe that customers are always right. It is often true, but the rule does not work well in all contexts. Customers are bound to see the product from their perspective. They keep profit as the main priority. But we must keep in mind that customers are not the end-users of the product. The designers should aim to get a product that is of utmost usefulness for the final end-user. They must keep the future in their perspective and must convince the customer of the benefits. The design process can have several peculiarities and nuances which need not be conveyed to the customer. But a designer will have to try to understand why the customer is having such a specification. With this knowledge, they will provide different means of realising customer requirements that will be more sustainable.

Designing is a one-man show

Most people consider a design idea to be highly individualistic and that designers are lonely people. Designers believe that teamwork is not their cup of tea.  Some people find it tough to work in a team. They believe that they will be able to provide the best results while working alone. But, when put in practice, teamwork is a great way to improve productivity. It is way simpler to get the entire team to brainstorm an idea and create the design. This way, we will be able to identify the loopholes and identify solutions for the same. It is a more effective process, and the number of iterations required will be less. A collective mind is far more efficient than a single mind. It is possible to share feedback and the latest information about the project then and there, which will clarify any misunderstanding.

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Debunking Myths About Creating Idea And Concepts

An Idea will jet-set a project

An idea is considered key in any design process. The birth of a brilliant idea is considered the project's success, but the reality is different. An idea can seem brilliant for a few seconds or even days. But we mostly face challenges when we implement the idea. Research and brainstorming can lead to much simpler ideas that are sustainable and cost-effective. An idea does not have to be unique or original until all angles are considered and vetted. The team must be ready to contest an idea through research, analysis, and reiteration. It will lead to more progressive and refined ideas that can redesign a product. 


Concept creation is easier

People feel that creating concepts is far easier than implementing them, which is so not true. There may be many artists in India who can create concepts within a short time. But the fact is that it is challenging to plan a time for concept creation. It can take seconds, hours, and maybe even days and months. The process is logical, technical, and sometimes unpredictable. Concept creation is harder and very demanding as it has to be done right. 

Like any other field, design has its share of stereotypical beliefs and myths that can only be broken by the knowledge of how the design industry works. Formal education in design will, to an extent, help debunk these myths and have a better perspective to lead a good career.

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