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In 2014, a group of working professionals identified two glaring problems in the field of design. One was the growing voice from the design industry about the lag in the skill set of design graduates, and the other was the increasing lack of awareness about the importance of design when developing products. Having identified these problems, the working professionals formed an educational institution named dSchool, to provide a foundational design course for design enthusiasts. dSchool provided a platform for the students to learn, explore and discover a career path through design programmes which emphasized on maximum practical exposure.

Around the same time, Vista institute of design, a branch of dSchool was providing certificate programmes for career driven courses to bridge the gap in the design education and the industrial experience. Their updated syllabus was designed around real-life projects that provided their students hands-on experience in the design industry. The syllabus and the curriculum of Vista institute of design was University accredited for providing diplomas in disciplines such as Interior design, Fashion design, Textile design, Graphic design and Illustration design.

In 2020, dSchool and Vista institute of design came together to form DOT School of Design, aiming to bridge the gap between industry requirement and academia. By channeling the voice of the industry through working professionals and designing a structured syllabus in an academic environment, DOT School of Design plays off the strengths of dSchool and Vista institute of design. DOT School of Design now stands as a platform for students to explore their design interest in alignment with creating a solid career path in the design field.

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