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Taking The Leap From Fashion Designer To Entrepreneur

So, you are a Fashion Designer with a decent job and a not-much-to-complain about salary, perks, and incentives. Yet, you have that gnawing feeling that something's missing and not enough. You know you have the talent to take the next step (or a leap) as a Fashion Entrepreneur. But you just don't know how to take the plunge. Did we just speak your mind? We bet we did!

The allure of the fashion industry is well-known. Therefore, it's no surprise that most fashion designers harbor the dream to become successful fashion entrepreneurs. As much as it glitters with positive prospects, the fashion industry is aggressively competitive. Consequently, to thrive and survive, you need to nurture your entrepreneurial spirit at all times. So, we've listed the essential qualities and duties you must foster to take the plunge and make a name for yourself.

Your "To-Do" List To Become A Fashion Entrepreneur

1. Create a network

Honestly, the path to becoming a fashion entrepreneur is like a gauntlet- there are no shortcuts and easy ways. You must get down to work from day one by building a thriving network of clients, vendors, suppliers, and other associates. Remember, the more contacts you have, the better, especially in those initial years as an entrepreneur,

2. Keep communication alive

An aspiring fashion entrepreneur has to know how to communicate. This is not an industry for introverts. You need to keep an open communication channel for every person working with you. Being a good communicator increases your network of contacts, an indispensable commodity in the fashion industry.

3. Upgrade your tech skills

Technology is here to stay forever, and it is a must-have even for a non-tech industry like fashion. Therefore, ensure you stay abreast of the tech tools and solutions that give you the edge to deliver exceptional designs. Learn to optimise social media platforms to your advantage. Keep up with the tech trends and learn to align them with the latest fashion trends. It can seem a bit daunting but trust us; you can get there with a little perseverance.

4. Understand the business

Let's make one thing clear- being a fashion entrepreneur is nothing like being a fashion designer. You are not an employee but an employer. And with that title comes a whole new list of roles and responsibilities. Make every day an opportunity to learn your business and understand the challenges and intricacies.

5. Scale your soft skills

Soft skills such as your listening and public speaking abilities and presentation skills are critical to success in any business- and fashion is no exception. You can arm yourself with a certificate in business administration to acquaint yourself with the business basics and management skills.

6. Be realistic in your goals
Since the fashion industry is already a well-known domain, you are probably aware of its realities and challenges. Therefore, it is only fair that you set realistic objectives for your entrepreneurial dreams. There are already many established fashion entrepreneurs out there. Hence it takes extraordinary hard work and dedication to carve a niche for yourself.

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Must-Have Traits For Fashion Entrepreneurs

  • Confidence

Having the right amount of self-confidence is a skill. You need enough confidence to keep you level-headed when you are successful and cushion yourself during moments of self-doubt.

  • Passion

Your passion is your driving motivation and your helping hand to pick you up during tough days at work. Therefore, channel your passion and your love for the industry to power forward to success.

  • Mentorship

Do not be a boss. Instead, be a leader. Use leadership as a motivational factor and a source of inspiration for your team. Lead by example and be the model you want your team to look up to.

  • Flexibility

You will probably meet more failures than successes before you can establish yourself. Take a flexible approach to failure. Refocus, realign and redefine your strategies. Flexibility allows you to find new solutions from various perspectives.

Before We Conclude

To become an established fashion designer or entrepreneur, you need to have a strong foundation to develop your fashion designing skills. DOT School of Design, Chennai, offers a one-year PG diploma in Fashion Designing. Our course aims at developing the professional, entrepreneurial, theoretical, and practical skills of aspiring designers. To learn more about our design college, please click here.

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