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Insightful Induction Day Ceremony – 2022

DOT Content Team
February 10, 2023
3 min read

A new beginning towards a magnificent and bright future!

DOT School of Design welcomed their third batch of talented young  designers to learn and unlearn. The Induction Day ceremony took off on September 3, 2022, with young designers taking their first steps into the world of design, accompanied by their parents/guardians. The day that followed was filled with joyous celebrations and inspirational speeches from the guests who graced the occasion with their presence.

The Events began with a welcome note by our  Chairperson, Mr.  AR. R. Raammnath, followed by introducing the audience to the learning culture at DOT by the academic coordinator, Mrs. Elizabeth Joseph. The parents also were shown a short video covering all of the activities completed at DOT. The Senior students had decorated each studio to cheerfully welcome their beloved juniors with prompt and pride.

The event progressed with a Panel discussion on ‘Socioeconomic demand for Design Education in TN’. Esteemed dignitaries from various fields of design were invited like Mr. Trotsky Marudu, contemporary artist, Mr. Rajesh Rathnam, CEO of Leather Sector Skill Council, Ms. Nijoo Dubey Faculty lead:Universal Design discipline at NID Bengaluru, Mr. C.Ramesh, CEO of Kutties wood crafts. The session was moderated by DOT’s IRC Coordinator and Associate Professor, of Fashion Design Mrs.Sanah Sharma.

The facilitators provided help to the students by clarifying the relationship between art and design. Mr. Rajesh Rathnam, Chief Executive officer of Leather Sector Skill Council, explained that art and Design has to be interdisciplinary. Being a representative of the government, everything they talk about is design and design has always been in high demand. Trotsky Marudu, an Indian contemporary artist elaborated his successive experiences in the field of design as he believes he has succeeded because he understood  the importance of Design thinking.

The societal job market has changed completely and now big companies are frantically looking for talented designers, he had also elucidated about the opportunities available in the government sector these days.

Nijoo Dubey: Faculty lead:Universal Design discipline at NID Bengaluru, said that Design is more practical and designers keep constantly thinking about social people and culture. Be an ethical designer to improve the state of life. C.Ramesh, the CEO of Kutties wood crafts, Interior Designer & Custom Furniture Maker said the design helps in Problem solving.He encouraged the students to dream big and follow dedicatedly, it becomes true. He also explained about the 4ps: people product process, and he strongly believes design has been born in TN while we have such explicit examples of temples and arts. 

Throughout the discussion few points that was always prominently omnipresent were the awareness for Design education must begin at the school level for economic growth. Parents should be  taught the importance of design education 

Parents also were very keen in understanding design education and asked few questions to the panelists.,While selecting design as a course, the recognition what they will get? Will they become at par jobs to engineers? How will the course at DOT give standards like NID? Will there be student exchange programs?? To answer this question Mr. Rajesh Rathnam explained that govt of India has said that being a designer is a mandatory role and the employment outlook survey majority shift from coding to design. For instance their jobs are not regular 9 to 5, and this gives them options for multiple jobs which is legal.

They will always earn money and there is no retirement. India will now slowly expand to start making its own design and produce products creating more employment for designers. With DOT, aesthetics alone is not taught, Dot gives hands on experience so they give  lessons to identify failures. Brand doesn’t matter, the only fact that really matters is portfolio.Corporates have to show the deficit of  designers and now have understood that design thinking is institutionalized. 

After the panel discussion, Mr. Shankar, the institute’s administrator, described how the curriculum at DOT is built on hands-on activities, with the entire campus serving as the students’ playground to study, synergize, and interact and also informed all the necessary rules and regulations. 

Meanwhile, the freshers witnessed the exhibition set up by the DOT faculty and their seniors which was an ode to life at DOT. The senior students had also conducted a Craft market showcasing their creative talents to inspire and encourage their juniors. The first-year students then imprinted their distinctive signatures on campus with a short sketch and a personal statement that was posted on the corridors.


The event ended as a campus filled with enthusiastic young adults and their proud parents left for the day. The words that remained in everyone’s mind were passion, promise and process. To stick to the process with passion was the promise that DOT offers to the students and vice-versa. 

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