DOT primarily focuses on Industrial Connect for Students aiding their Career Development and which has been embedded deeply into the pedagogy built carefully on Five Strong Foundation Principles shrinking the ever-increasing gap between Design Industry and Design Education.
We identify the most thriving and most cultivating industries in the World to ensure the best minds be placed in the best platforms for mutual growth.

Our INCO associates:

Logos and names of our industry connect partners

How to become a member?
If you identify your industrial concern as one such valuable and cultivating platform, with tremendous growth opportunities for our young designers; we would like to formally associate with your esteemed organization from our Industry Connect Cell- INCO.
With your inestimable collaboration, we look forward to creating Quality Industry-ready Designers benefiting both of our concerns.

A non-mandatory expected deliverables from both sides on completing this industrial association are hereby listed.

  • A platform to present or promote the industry/firm among the students and other industry experts.
  • The industry/firm’s name is shown in the institution website as an industry connect associative and vice versa.
  • The industry/firm’s name can be promoted in the institution’s print media or social media based on any specific collaboration as well.
  • Collaborative design projects between the industry/firm and the students of our institution.
  • Internships opportunities for the students.
  • Creating placement opportunities for students.
  • Creating an opportunity for the students to visit your company/Industry/firm.
  • An opportunity to offer research and final year thesis projects based on the live requirement of the industry/firm/company and use the student’s works.
  • Showcasing your expertise in industrial knowledge to the upcoming designers by creating workshops, seminars etc.
  • The industry/firm can collaborate with academic researchers of our institution for creating new courses or modules based on the current industry requirement.

If the above-mentioned expectations are satisfactory and if you wish to proceed with being a part of our industry connect program, kindly revert to us. We look forward to signing an MOU to be our associative with the industry connect program INCO.

Kindly let us know the best way to reach you for further communications regarding this.