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Four years B.Des course

Bachelors in Industrial Design is a 4 year professional course.
First year of the course deals with basics and fundamentals of creativity and design thinking modules like sketching, communication, liberal science, mind mapping, form, color and composition study. Students also get to learn parallel disciplinary such as basics of graphic design, photography skills in their second semester.

Second year takes the students to the core technicalities in Industrial Design. By the third year, students get their subject knowledge in design process, technical drawings, materials, processes, technology, prototyping, and ergonomics and digital tools in a more advanced and stronger manner.

With the starting of their final year, students are prepared for their professional experience through design management, Intellectual property rights, portfolio skills and a professional internship from industry. By the end of the final year, student completes a graduation project that showcases all their knowledge and skills they learnt and developed through the whole program. With a jury evaluating their works, they complete their bachelor program in Industrial Design, equipped for a quality placement or for their own start up.

Student working with a machine by wearing gloves, mask, and apron as a part of industrial design activity
  • Design thinking
  • Freehand Drawing
  • Materials & Production
  • Form Space and order
  • Design & Production Drawing
  • Liberal Arts: Cultural Studies
  • Color & Composition
  • Basic Graphics, Typography, Photography
  • Design Process & Research Methodology
  • Representation Technique
  • Model making & Workshop Skills
  • Ergonomics
  • Simple Product design
  • Digital Design Tools
  • Interactive Media
  • Techno-scientific Principles & Applications
  • Analysis
  • Surface Finishes
  • Printing Technology
  • Sustainable Design
  • Motion & Transmission
  • Packaging Design- Practical
  • Design Management & Professional Practice
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Product Graphics
  • Internship (Industrial Practicum)
  • System Design


A B.Des Industrial Design student from DOT is well equipped to be placed at any industry as an Industrial Designer. Since Industrial Design is a broad spectrum of field and discipline, they can also concentrate in any specific field as a designer like Product designer, Automobile Designer, Toy designer, Ceramic designer, Furniture designer, User experience designer, Design researcher, Interaction designer, Package designer, Accessory designer etc.


What is taught in an industrial design course?

Industrial Design is a professional course with a duration of four years. In the first year, students learn the fundamentals of design thinking modules. They acquire a complete knowledge of the core technicalities during the second year. As they move to the third year, designers get well-versed in digital tools and design processes. Students get equipped for their own start-up or quality placement by reaching the final year.

Is studying industrial design worth it?

Industrial design teaches candidates to create aesthetically appealing and functional products at the same time. During the course, designers learn to combine the theoretical concepts of processes and materials with practical design experience. Thus, Bachelor’s in Industrial Design is an interesting and awesome field for people who have a passion for creative design.

What are the minimum criteria of admission to the institute?

The minimum requirement for admission to a design institute is to complete twelfth grade or an equivalent diploma. Or else a tenth grade along with a diploma degree is required to enter any reputed design institute. Since it is a professional course, it is impossible to get enrolled without the basic criteria for admission.

What are the career opportunities after the completion of industrial design course?

As Industrial Design offers a wide range of opportunities in various fields after completing the course, it is considered as a great career choice. A student, after finishing four years of B.Des course in Industrial Design can become a designer in automobiles, ceramic, user experience, furniture, package, accessory, interaction, etc.

What is the mode of selection in your institute?

After completing the minimum criteria to get admission to a design institute, the student must take the DOT-DAT. It is a design aptitude test that is mandatory for any student, without which they will not be able to get an entry into the university or college. The selection mode purely depends on the student’s score acquired in DOT-DAT.

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