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Everything in interior design revolves around how we use spaces. It has a significant impact on how we live, work, play, and even recover on a daily basis, comfortable residences, useful workplaces, and lovely public spaces.

Making the best use of the space at hand is the goal of interior design. Enhancing a space's functionality and aesthetics in order to give users a better and happier experience is both an art and a science.

Interior Design at DOT

With our teaching approach, students are not only encouraged to learn but also to increase their creative zeal and interior knowledge through practical exercises. Putting ideas into practice, students will explore more practical activities and resolve authentic problems. Over 4 years you will be molded strong & confident with fundamentals like history of interior design, elements, graphics and principles of design, before exploring advanced concepts like interior services, furniture design & its construction detailing, lighting & colors and estimation and costing.

Students submit a graduation project by the conclusion of their final year that displays all the knowledge and abilities they have acquired and refined throughout the course of the programme. They finish their interior design bachelor programme with a jury evaluating their work, prepared for a reputable placements.

Wooden staircase with railing and white riser with hanging light setup and wall mounted paintings

DOT is confident in its ability to provide students with quality education with our renowned faculty from prestigious universities, industry professionals serving as advisers, regular syllabus updates, and industry-viable infrastructure. Enrolling in our interior design course will enable you to polish your talents and get ready with a wide range of employment options.


DOT is well equipped to be placed with a premium placement cell helping students find their professional spaces.

Students can choose to work as furniture designers, set designers, residential interior design consultants, model makers, kitchen, bathroom & wardrobe designers, and even interior decorators.

They can also find employment opportunities with architectural firms, construction firms, hotels & resorts, design studios, real estate companies, set design companies, and exhibition design companies, or practice independently as a lighting designer, visual merchandiser and interior & spatial designer.

D- SPRAC: A Design incubation & research initiation

D-SPARC is a design-focused community of ambitious and passionate problem solvers who have a pragmatic yet futuristic approach to research and development. D-SPARC aspires to mold and shape its members to be responsible creators, participative collaborators and successful leaders.

  • Design thinking
  • Freehand Drawing
  • Materials & Production
  • Form Space and order
  • Design & Production Drawing
  • Liberal Arts: Cultural Studies
  • Color & Composition
  • Basic Graphics, Typography, Photography
  • Design Process & Research Methodology
  • Representation Technique
  • Model making & Workshop Skills
  • Theory of Interior Design
  • Interior Landscape Design
  • Interior Services
  • Furniture design
  • Material and construction
  • Art appreciation
  • Lighting and colour in interior
  • Estimation and costing
  • Project management
  • Internship (Industrial Practicum)
  • Design project


In order to enroll in the Interior Design course at DOT, which has a limited number of seats, we require certain competencies from our students, such as visualization techniques, innovation and creativity, a very good eye for detail, observational techniques, communication proficiency, business knowledge, visual thinking and persuasiveness.

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