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Things To Know About Calligraphy Before Enrolling In A BFA College

Things To Know About Calligraphy Before Enrolling In A BFA College

If you are enthusiastic about studying calligraphy from one of the top BFA colleges in Chennai, you should be aware of the different nuances of this modern art. The first thing is that it is not an easy art to master. It can be discouraging to start from the root level, and Calligraphy requires a lot of practice to learn. At one point in time, you will feel stagnated, as there is no advancement. As one of the top B.Des Colleges in Chennai, we offer design courses that will help you master the fine art of calligraphy. We are aware of the kind of effort it requires to master the art, and the curriculum offers a lot of practice time. Like how we take time to learn to play an instrument, calligraphy requires a dedicated effort and time every day. The classes start right from the basics to the advanced modules of modern calligraphy with knowledge of all the lettering supplies that will polish your calligraphy skills.

A Few Important Tips For BFA Students To Master Calligraphy

Calligraphy is an art that needs perfection from the start. You need to follow the important points given below to get the art right.

Get The Basics Right

At our design institute in Chennai, we teach calligraphy from the basics. The courses start from the very basics of teaching you to draw the right strokes. You may find it easier to practice lettering using calligraphy worksheets. It sounds simpler to practice calligraphy this way. 

Practice Every Stroke

You cannot jump right into calligraphy with some knowledge you acquired from videos and armed with a brush and pen. Every stroke has to be practised until it is consistent. Only if your strokes are consistent can the lettering be more consistent. You should not attempt to practice letters and words until you get the strokes right. So, practice the strokes diligently and consistently. This way, it is easier to form your style. You will not have to copy someone else’s style. And, it is not easy to make changes to the work done by others. 


Get Quality Supplies

Calligraphy requires a set of supplies that makes it easy to work around. The supplies include inks, brush pens, papers and nibs. It is a norm to go with cheap supplies during your practice days.  With regular practice required for mastering calligraphy, you will end up buying these supplies more often than you had imagined. That’s the main reason why most of them spend less money buying cheaper stuff. 

One disadvantage of using cheap supplies is that it could frustrate you to no extent if you don’t get the art right. In the beginning, you can practice with a simple pencil or a ballpoint pen. You can also use kids colouring pencils and Crayola markers for the initial practice. But when you get down to serious business, you need to use good quality supplies that will help you clearly define the strokes and letterings. Quality papers are also essential as bad paper quality will bring down your effort.

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Get Connected And Inspired By Others

When it comes to calligraphy, it is easy to get carried away by the different posts you see related to it on social media. One thing for sure is that we post only our best art on social media, which may have gone through several iterations. If you follow that, you are sure to be overwhelmed by the incredibleness that you start to feel less confident. To use social media to its fullest for learning calligraphy, you must

  • Follow just a few accounts that will inspire you.
  • Search for hashtags that are relevant to the subject
  • Save, copy or learn from the posts and try recreating it
  • Engage by commenting and liking posts that interest you a lot

You need to avoid a few things while connecting with people through social media to learn the art of calligraphy.

  • Avoid following accounts blindly just because others are following it.
  • Do not fear other’s opinions when you post your art.
  • Do not post negative remarks on other’s posts.
  • Do not copy others' works without giving them their due.
  • Do not follow a million accounts if you are not able to engage with them. You only have to follow a couple of accounts that will inspire you.

It is always good to be connected with calligraphy artists and the community to understand the latest trends in this modern art. This way, you can learn and apply new skills while pursuing the design course in our college in Chennai. 

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