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An Insight Into Recent Industrial Design Trends

An Insight Into Recent Industrial Design Trends

An industrial designer has an interesting job description. They design everything we see and use. Apart from designing, sketching, iterating, prototyping, and testing, they have to evolve with time and be aware of the customer base. In the current age of smart technology with demanding customers, industrial designers need to know the trend and work accordingly. A professional BDes industrial design degree teaches every designer to create ingenious designs apt for the future. In this article, let us see the latest industrial designs to watch out for.

Industrial Design Trends Every BDes Industrial Design Student Must Know

The pandemic has brought many changes to consumers' behavior, which will be reflected in the product design to suit the new reality. As the focus on designing products has shifted to satisfying users' needs, the industrial design industry is revolutionizing to keep up with the trend. A renowned BDes industrial design course in cities like Chennai educates its students in so many ways to stay on par with the trends to thrive in the field successfully. Let us discuss the popular five recent trends here.

Human-centered design- The designs have become human-centered because of the increased isolation during lockdowns. Every product is designed to develop a personal connection with the user.
Localized manufacturing- The pandemic has tremendously impacted the supply chains globally. Therefore, many companies have started to produce their goods locally to have a reliable and continuous supply.
Personalization- Brands require personalized experiences to reach more customers. This has led to an increase in the personalization of products, and it is becoming feasible with the growth of customers' digital presence. Personalization is possible on a huge scale as people are connected to the real-world through physical products.
Sustainable and safe packaging materials- Consumers are becoming more health-conscious, and with more eco-friendly products entering the market, BDes industrial design students are starting to focus on sustainable packaging. A safe and sustainable package in the industrial design field means reusable packages.
Innovative designs- Designing creative products needs time. The pandemic with an economic downturn has led to more product innovation. The new product lines in the market have led to increased revenue.

Changes BDes Industrial Design Candidates Can Expect Soon

Many people look for designs that connect personally with them in today's world. Though there are a hundred products to choose from, the products that grab attention and stand out are the ones that win the heart of consumers. Beyond technology, the product must be functional with a personable design to attract the user's personality. A BDes industrial design course, therefore, focuses on educating their students to design products that are:

  • Handy
  • Sleek
  • Bright
  • Colorful
  • Functional
  • Evoking emotions
  • Creating a sensation

A classic example to explain this would be that if an iPhone is designed in a generic and dull manner, it will not interest users even though it is technologically advanced.

Five Big Industrial Trends for Upcoming Years

Energy Efficient Design
With awareness everywhere about the damage we are already causing to our planet and its resources, energy-efficient designs are entering at a faster pace into the market. It is becoming very clear that the manufacturers are concerned with the production's energy consumption and power bills, and consumers are worried about the carbon footprint. Most importantly, consumers are highly informed and tech-savvy in today's world. They perform deep product research into its benefits and do not blindly jump into buying less-priced products. Industrial designs have to efficiently heat, cool, and light, consuming less energy, and it is becoming a standard norm in today's world. Every BDes industrial design course in Chennai aims to mould candidates in an early stage and make them work towards creating energy-efficient designs.

Power of Internet
Most of the devices are connected to the internet, which keeps transmitting data continuously. Previously, determining a design's success and faults was possible only after the products were released in the market and used by consumers. Gathering feedback was through direct interaction with customers, which was manual and thus time-consuming. But now, with a lot of data transmission and online surveys, a product's best features and areas causing inconvenience are being easily identified and rectified. BDes industrial design degrees of today teach the designers to use the online platform appropriately and gain customer responses. These invaluable data thus help with improving the designs.

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Cloud-based CAD
CAD (Computer-aided design) has been the software and technology in industrial design for decades and is included in every BDes industrial design degree or course. By adding cloud to it, the product designs are getting better in recent times. SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is another recent trend dominating the industrial design system. With a cloud in action, any change in the design is communicated to all members in a project with a seamless, more collaborative, and faster design development. A cloud-based product design helps with:

  • Team members working together in sync
  • Designers to work from any browser, device, or place.

Computer-aided Engineering
CAE (Computer-aided engineering) allows designers to optimize the design and virtually stimulate them by facilitating various testing operations. In recent times, CAE has been made available to even small companies to create error-free and efficient designs at a lesser cost. CAE performs operations in a short duration with better prototyping options. Thus, BDes industrial design courses are making CAE compulsory as a part of their syllabus.

Advanced Design Tools

Industrial designers always have pen and paper to sketch their designs. New nifty tools like Subform, Figma, and Google Material Design are being used to revolutionize the design. Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are innovative technologies in industrial design which has a wide range of benefits like visualizing the usage of products. Renowned institutes offering BDes industrial design degrees in Chennai teach their students to use these sophisticated tools effortlessly through repeated practice.

The Takeaway
The latest trends and industrial design tools help designers develop and create more powerful and efficient tools to leave a lasting impression on the users. DOT School of Design is one of the established institutes offering the best design course in Chennai, enabling students to succeed and cope with the emerging trends with their unique teaching approach.

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