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MR. A.R. Ramanathan

Mr. AR R Raammnath, Chairman of DOT School of Design, embarked on his career as a practicing architect with a profound interest in the conservation and preservation of culturally significant buildings. Trained under the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH), Pondicherry, he contributed to various renovation and revitalization projects. With extensive experience as a Leader, Executive, and Manager in esteemed architectural firms, his research on the Conservation and Enhancement of Athangudi tiles underscores his commitment to preserving cultural heritage as well!

Mr. Raammnath also delved into journalism and writing, serving as a sub-editor for 'Buildersline'. His dedication to sharing acquired knowledge and belief in effective pedagogy has always been evident.

Inspired by Albert Einstein's philosophy, Mr. Raammnath believes in providing conducive learning environments where individuals can thrive and excel. This ethos led him to establish DOT School of Design, creating a vibrant educational platform for creative enthusiasts regardless of their educational background or age. Originating as 'dSchool' in Chennai, the institution aimed to address the dearth of awareness surrounding design and creative education in Tamil Nadu.

Understanding the value of accredited certificate programs in fostering students' career prospects, Mr. Raammnath launched Vista Institute of Design, a branch of dSchool. This initiative aimed to bridge the gap between design education and industry experience, offering courses structured around real-life projects to provide hands-on exposure within the design industry.

In 2020, driven by the success of dSchool and Vista Institute of Design, Mr. Raammnath envisioned a comprehensive platform that seamlessly integrated the voice of the design industry into academic settings. This vision materialized in DOT School of Design, blending the structured characteristics of academic institutions with a creative environment conducive to skill-based learning. DOT School of Design stands as a testament to Mr. Raammnath's commitment to advancing design education and empowering aspiring creatives to thrive in the dynamic landscape of design.

Vice President


A dynamic leader with a unique background in psychology and a passion for ensuring the smooth functioning of the institution. With a keen understanding of human behaviour and motivation, Vice President brings a fresh perspective to the table, ensuring that the infrastructure requirements of the organization are not just met, but exceeded. From overseeing construction projects to managing facility maintenance, every aspect of the physical environment is meticulously cared for under her guidance.

At the heart of it all, a compassionate and approachable individual who is dedicated to enhancing the overall experience of the community. With a blend of professionalism and empathy, works tirelessly to create an environment where every member feels valued and supported. A place where infrastructure meets psychology, and efficiency meets compassion.

design - CHAIR

MR balaram.s

Professor Singanapalli Balaram, a distinguished industrial designer and senior faculty member, has cultivated a profound admiration for the rich traditions of song and storytelling, particularly the exquisite art of Tholu Bommalata. Utilizing paper as his medium, he embarked on a remarkable journey to recreate the enchantment of shadow puppetry, captivating the children in his neighbourhood. As his passion for literature blossomed, he found immense joy in crafting compelling narratives, leading him to become a skilled author with around 13 published books.

His life underwent a transformative evolution when he received an education that liberated him from the cycle of farming, opening doors to a world of boundless possibilities. Initially pursuing a career as a signboard painter, Prof. Balaram S later transitioned into mechanical engineering before discovering his true calling in design. At the esteemed National Institute of Design (NID), he honed his skills and embarked on a remarkable journey. Furthering his education at the Royal College of Art in London, he collaborated with distinguished figures in the field.

Throughout his illustrious career, Prof. Balaram S held pivotal positions at NID and made significant contributions to the design industry. His diverse endeavours encompass short story writing, package design, and film criticism. He spearheaded groundbreaking projects, including the development of an affordable and comfortable bicycle, innovative agricultural implements, and architecturally groundbreaking designs. Notably, his design of a life-saving oxygenator earned him India's prestigious National Meritorious Invention Award. With four patents to his credit, Prof. Balaram S is internationally renowned for his exceptional contributions.

Presently, he serves as the Design Chair of DOT School of Design. Prof. Balaram's journey from a humble village upbringing to becoming an influential industrial designer and educator epitomizes the transformative power of education and human creativity. His unwavering dedication continues to inspire designers worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on the realm of design.

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