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Learning The Right Skills Through M.Des Interior Design Degree

Learning The Right Skills Through M Des Interior Design Degree

Interior designing is considered an inborn skill, but you need to know some design principles and elements to become a qualified and professional interior designer. It may just be theory, but practising design principles will earn you better results. You will be amazed at how such principles can inspire your design. At DOT School Of Design, the top design college in Chennai, we offer M.DES Interior Design course will give you detailed knowledge of all design principles and elements required to become a successful interior designer. 


The curriculum covers the entire gamut of design theory making every student understand while applying the right design element in their career. How creative you are, learning the basics of design will hone your skills and give you the right mix of talent required in this field. Interior designing is an illusion of balancing different elements correctly and effectively. The design elements and principles can be considered the essential ingredients that will help you be the master of interior design.

Understanding The Key Elements Of Interior Design

Mastering the important design elements of interior design will help you perfect the art. The knowledge of key elements in interior design will help you in the long run. It will give you the required creative inspiration to form a specific design style. The key elements that will influence your interior design style are:


Selecting a colour for space is based on the colour scheme. It is an aesthetic choice that will influence the mood and feel of the space. It is how people perceive each colour. For some people, red is intense or passionate, and yellow is optimistic and happy. The colour scheme must be for the visual preference and should also have the attitude and energy required for space.


The form is nothing but the contours of the design. You may be designing furniture, artwork, sculpture, 3D objects, or even a room. Each of these products can take up two different forms, namely, organic or geometric form. An organic form is an irregular and natural shape that is either abstract or curvy. A geometric form has sharp edges and lines like triangles or squares.


Light has the power to affect our perception. Bad lighting can easily spoil a photograph, and so it is the same with any space. Lighting can be artificial, natural, or a combination of both. You must understand the purpose of the space before choosing the colour of the light, its intensity, and whether it should be dimmable.


A line can be perceived as the perimeter of a shape or form. The outline is the first thing that you design before drawing the design of the form and shape. Lines can be horizontal, vertical, or dynamic. Design experts in Chennai state that a horizontal line exudes the feel of security while a vertical line expresses boldness. Dynamic lines are more fun and add excitement to space. It has its own set of rules.

Student pursuing M.DES interior design planned the interior of a restaurant using roof latern concept

Some More Basic Interior Design Elements


You can use patterns anywhere at home or office. It is nothing but the repetition of design elements like lines, forms, and shapes. You will find patterns in fabric, wallpapers, and other design elements. You will also find patterns in light. Patterns add motion and life to space, but you must be careful using patterns as overuse can lead to a chaotic design.


The texture is the feel of an object when you sense it. It is different from the pattern. Creative use of different textured materials will give a unique feel to the whole space. Flooring, furniture, and other surfaces can have comfortable and perfect textures that will make the space feel very special.


Space is what you finally design. Space can either be 2D or 3D. The room’s height and length are its 2D space, while the height is its 3D space. You must also consider leaving some space empty for ease of navigation and energy flow.

Understanding all the key design elements will, to a great extent, make you a better interior designer. It helps you plan your design better and gives a unique touch, which is very important in this field.

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