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A career in industrial design entails producing tangible products and services that are used on a daily basis by millions of people across the globe. However, these are the areas where they often focus. Industrial designers frequently work on much more during a development cycle than just the product's appearance, use, and ability to be manufactured.

Everything you frequently use in your house, place of business, school, or public area is the result of a design process. Throughout this process, an industrial designer takes a number of choices with the intention of improving your life through well-executed design.


This Masters program empowers the students to design consumer centric products, services and systems. It will give the students in-depth knowledge about the creative problem solving techniques that aim to improve the quality of life in the immediate living and working environment. Students learn through free hand sketches, computer aided design, practical hands-on working with the materials studio projects, visiting lectures, and travel and explorations. The student is given training and inputs in the theoretical as well as the practical aspect of the subject. Apart from the modules in design process and creative thinking,

The course is planned out in a way that each student gets hands-on practical knowledge about material, method and production technologies that are at par with the industry. The curriculum is designed so as to equip the students to develop creative and innovative design solutions and have a successful career in the field, whether it be as professionals or as independent practitioners.

Wooden staircase with railing and white riser with hanging light setup and wall mounted paintings


A M.Des Industrial Design student from DOT can find ample opportunities to explore in the field as a product designer, Accessory Designer Automobile designer, Toy and game designer Product innovator, Design consultant or even a design Entrepreneur.


D-SPARC is a design-focused community of ambitious and passionate problem solvers who have a pragmatic yet futuristic approach to research and development.D-SPARC aspires to mold and shape its members to be responsible creators, participative collaborators and successful leaders.

  • Creative thinking skills
  • Representation Techniques
  • Design process- Simple Design Project
  • Form Study
  • Material and Processes
  • Research methodology
  • Ergonomics
  • Design Project – Technically complex project
  • Design Management


In order to enroll in the Interior & Furniture Design course at DOT, which has a limited number of seats, we require certain competencies from our students. Such as

  • Visualization techniques,
  • Innovation And Creativity,
  • Very good eye for detail,
  • Observational Techniques,
  • Communication Proficiency,
  • Business knowledge,
  • Visual thinking,
  • Persuasiveness,
  • understanding of both traditional and contemporary industrial trends.
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