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M.Des In Furniture And Interior Design- All You Need To Know

M.Des In Furniture And Interior Design - All You Need To Know

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If you have already decided that interior design is your career choice, it will do you a lot of good to get a formal education in design. In India, education in the design field is not a popular option. Not many are aware of courses like B.Des and M.DES In Furniture And Interior Design. A handful of design institutes offer programs in visual arts, interior design, engineering design, and others for those who wish to establish a career in the design field. At DOT School of Design, the best design institute in Chennai, we offer both undergraduate and postgraduate design courses crafted by eminent architects and designers. We allow our students to face the real-world challenges of the industry. 

The furniture and interior design specific courses will have both theory and practical modules, including sustainable practices, spatial planning, information technology, design tools, liberal studies and business. You will have to master the construction standards and codes, building systems, design applications, lighting design, millwork and others. A profession in design will require you to be good at project coordination and systems integration as well.

A Few Noteworthy Points About Furniture And Interior Designing Career

There are few things you need to understand about the design profession you are so passionate about.

Interior design is being an artist and engineer

Interior or furniture designing is not just about picking beautiful fabrics or materials and pretty colours. You also need to understand and interpret electrical capacity, communicate abstract ideas, understand living patterns and human movements to create functional living space. Interior design is historically associated with retailing and manufacturing. When you design a bedroom, it comes as a bundled package of drapes, sheets, furniture, flooring and decorations. Professional and independent interior designers have emerged in recent times in cities like Chennai who have introduced a new wave of design and décor.

Interior design is not just about designing homes

Most of us think that interior design is all about designing residential spaces. Designing the living spaces like the bedroom, living area, and kitchen is certainly the interior designer's job. You will also design offices, retail shops, schools, industrial spaces, hotels, resorts and hospitals. Interior designing is about understanding the space, the purpose and effectively implementing the technical and creative aspects of design. Whether residential or commercial, an interior designer should understand the ways people use the space to make it more functional and smart.


Communication and interpersonal skills matter

As an interior designer, you must work with clients, suppliers, contractors and other vendors. Communication skill is very important to understand the requirements, goal and vision of the customer. Before you begin with the project, you and the client need to be on the same page. Interior designers must be an effective leader who guides the team to be productive yet being creative. Strong communication and interpersonal skills are required when you work with different experts in the trade. Presentation skills are also important as they will help you pitch proposals and have sales meetings with the client.

Working In The Field Of Furniture And Interior Design

You require a strong business mind while working as an interior designer. Any project will have a deadline and a budget. Both are vital factors of a project. You need to work within the budget and timeline established for the project. A business mind will help you tackle these challenges as you get creative with the designs. 

As an interior designer, you can either work for a company or be self-employed. You will find good opportunities in small companies and big corporations offering full-time work as interior designers. Some companies also offer part-time work, so you can also work as a freelance designer. It is a slow start for an interior or furniture designer. Your pay will mostly depend on your experience and skill you have gained over the years. A well established and skilled designer can expect handsome pay. 

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