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The Need For A Degree From Fine Arts College

The Need For A Degree From Fine Arts College

A fine arts degree is a perfect starting point for an artist to pursue a career in the art field. Formal education in a college will provide immense experience in pursuing your dream career in arts. Finding a job in an area that interests you the most is a blessing, and an artist needs to keep their options open. A four-year degree from the best fine arts college in Chennai will make you skilled and broaden your chance of getting a job. At Dot School of Design, the top design institute in Chennai, we offer design courses that will hone your design skills, teach techniques and provide industry exposure. The modules follow a unique curriculum designed by eminent architects and artists. Our students are in a better position to get lucrative jobs that pay handsomely. A fine arts degree will make you a professional with a strong foundation in interpersonal and communication skills highly recommended in a corporate world. The real value of a fine arts degree will be felt only when you land a job in your preferred field.

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Top Careers Apt For A Fine Arts Degree Holder

A fine arts degree will give you an edge in the highly competitive field of arts. The opportunities are immense as design skills are required in every other industry. It includes fashion, graphic design, architecture, interior design, video games, web design, UX and UI design. Fine arts also include sculpting, painting and animating. Art graduates are in demand at galleries as managers, administration staff, and guides. Skilled animators are in demand for TV and movie production. Let us discuss some of the top career avenues that are apt for fine arts graduates.


Most artists love to work for themselves. You can be a freelance painter, photographer, sculptor. Whichever field you choose to freelance, you will have more power and flexibility to apply your creativity and is not tied up with one thing. But freelancing is not easy as the income will not be steady. It may take years to establish yourself as an artist. You can also do a regular job and freelance as an artist for a steady income.  It is a slow race where over the years, you can establish your brand and portfolio.


Working for Companies and Agencies

Artists can take up commercial projects offered by companies. A commercial project will involve working with the products or marketing team for a specific project. The company will hire the artist for the project’s duration, and they mostly prefer freelancers for commercial projects. Unlike other fine arts, commercial arts are sold, and the artist can have a particular buyer in mind. 

Artists can also work with agencies that will have a steady stream of projects. It is easier than freelancing, but the earnings will be less as the agencies will cut their fees and service charges. 


Photographers have a wide array of choices to work with. You can opt for wedding photography, travel photography, food, wildlife and nature photography. Advertising agencies will need in-house photographers as there is a constant need. Film making and videography are other fields a photographer can explore. 


Teaching is certainly a promising career for artists, and it is worth exploring. If you have the passion and know the skills, you can be a great art teacher. Art is an important subject from elementary to high school. Art teachers are also required in fine arts colleges. You will need a teaching certificate along with a professional fine arts degree. 

Landing A Fine Arts Job In Chennai

Whichever field you choose to work in, your profile should be appealing to the hiring managers and recruiters. Companies are always on the lookout for the best fit, and the focus will be on professionally qualified, skilled graduates with communication and people skills. Your portfolio should speak volumes. 

An artist’s portfolio should be his/her masterpiece. You can mention school, college projects and other personal work in the portfolio. Highlighting your previous work experience, the nature of the work and the companies you had worked with is also important. The employers should get a fair idea about you through the portfolio. 

Today, fine arts have ample opportunities in India. People are coming out of the shell to pursue their dream career, and fine arts is one such field that is gaining popularity. 

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