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Sustainable Furniture: What Is It?

Did you know that wood is the only renewable construction material that's ever been used? This fact explains why wood has a deep-rooted history with mankind. It is one of the first materials that man used to hunt and later cook his food as he evolved. In fact, one of the earliest recorded wooden tools known as the Clacton Spear is almost 400,000 years old!

Over the years, wood has become an intricate part of the furniture industry. Wooden furniture personifies royalty, opulence, and grandeur. Not so long ago, traditional furniture was specifically created to be passed on to generations. Today, however, that trend has changed. Sustainable, bio-degradable, low-cost wood furniture is the choice of most people.

Why Do We Need Sustainable Furniture?

Environment awareness is driving the need to find sustainable solutions for everything we use, including furniture. As a result, people opt for eco-friendly furniture, reclaimed wood furniture and even chairs and desks made from recyclable materials.

Sustainability in furniture goes beyond the materials used. The entire manufacturing process contributes to making the furniture eco-friendly. Also, the use of natural resources in furniture production conforms to the green standards that ensure an eco-friendly end product. However, these sustainable efforts will be rendered useless if the end product needs constant replacement. This explains why wood is the best choice to create eco-friendly furniture.

Wood is widely preferred because of these reasons:

  • A renewable resource
  • Contributes to the green environment
  • Versatile to be used with any advanced technology that can transform it into a wide range of products.
  • Easy to use and does not require toxic chemicals or volatile organic compounds in the production process.
  • Uses only minimum packing materials
  • Generates a very small carbon footprint while shipping and delivering the finished product.

What is it that makes wood sustainable? Of course, the first obvious answer is that it is natural. But beyond that, wood is bestowed with some amazing properties that justify why we still use it.

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An In-Depth Look At What Makes Wood Sustainable

  • Thermal properties

Unlike metals, wood does not expand with heat. Therefore, this special combination of low thermal conductivity and high heat makes it ideal for insulation.

  • Electrical properties

Wood is a great conductor of electricity, as long as it is dry. With very less moisture content, wood does not accumulate static electricity. Therefore, as far as its electrical properties are concerned, the electrical resistance of wood is inversely proportional to its moisture content.

  • Acoustic properties

Did you know that only wood can amplify or mitigate sound based on its orientation? The grain direction of the wood helps in transmitting sound. However, the sound diminishes as it travels in the direction perpendicular to the grain. How amazing is that?

  • Mechanical properties

The strength and durability of wood is no secret. Wooden furniture lasts for centuries, and there's plenty of evidence that proves the same. Wood also has a high breaking length which defines the length at which a material breaks under its own weight.

  • Aesthetic properties

Wood is in a league of its own as far its aesthetic properties are concerned. It is considered royal, rustic, cosy, decorative, and so much more. It can be carved, varnished, or painted to give it various finishes. This versatility is what makes wood a prime choice for interior and exterior furniture.

  • Maintenance

Wood doesn't rust like metal, and if treated properly, it can defy termite infestation and moisture decay for ages. Old wood can be restored and repaired, although it will be an expensive process. In short, well-maintained wooden furniture can last for a lifetime!

Eco-Friendly Furniture- A Long-Term Solution

Over the years, there has been a growing desire for eco-friendly furniture. Despite the availability of many other options, the demand for wooden furniture has not waned. Options like reclaimed wood and bamboo are enjoy good demand in the furniture market. The popularity of wood as a material stems from an increasing awareness of green living and the availability of many varieties with unique properties.

Moreover, the combination of strength, stability, durability, and endurance makes wood an irreplaceable material in the furniture world.

Some Final Words

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