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An Overview of Contemporary Interior Design

Are you pondering over why contemporary interior design is gaining popularity? What is contemporary interior design all about? It is quite challenging to differentiate between traditional, modern and contemporary design as these are trends that have developed progressively over time. A professional diploma in interior design course in Chennai will teach you how to stay on par with the current trends in interior design and acquire knowledge about contemporary styling concepts.

A Brief Summary of Contemporary Interior Design Style

Contemporary interior design is ruling the world as the finest design trend in the current market. The world is witnessing the revival of a few trends which were not popular during their period. Contemporary interior design refers to styles that evolved in the second half of the twentieth century. With globalisation, there have been impressive renditions of many Indian home designs.

Contemporary interior design uses neutral and bold colours with great concentration on the elements like shape, form and line. It uses only rounded and soft lines in decorative pieces, furniture and decor. To be more precise, a contemporary design is all about:

  • Embracing new ideas
  • Playing around conventions
  • Taking various forms based on the seasonal changes

Contemporary design concepts are taught in almost every diploma in interior design course in Chennai as students need to know about every style trending in the world.

Basic Elements of Contemporary Interior Designing Covered by Diploma in Interior Design Course

The basic elements used in a contemporary interior design are:

Interior Decoration & Design

Colour Palette

A neutral colour palette like greys, whites, browns and blacks is considered the base for a modern contemporary space’s interior design. Any reputed diploma in interior design course in Chennai will teach students to pop bright colours occasionally here and there and spruce up the place.


A contemporary minimalistic interior design includes zig-zags, checks, stripes and geometric patterns. A well-structured diploma in interior design course in Chennai educates their students to use these patterns in décor items, wallpapers and soft furnishings like cushion covers or rugs.


The flooring materials widely used to create a contemporary look are tiles, vinyl and wood. Stone, glass and metal are great for creating architectural drama. Furniture must be made of light-coloured wood materials like birch, maple and other materials like nickel, chrome, and stainless steel. Furthermore, clear and frosted glass is the best choice to highlight the furniture designs. The fabrics widely used in contemporary design are wool, cotton, linen and silk. A full-time diploma in interior design course in Chennai includes materials as a mandatory subject for students as it plays an important role in contemporary styling.

Surfaces & Textures

Texture is the most important element contributing to contemporary style. Contemporary designs showcase textures through layer-cut sheets and wall trims.The diploma in interior design course in Chennai offers tips for students on panelling with grooves and making use of bold architectural lines to create unique and creative contemporary designs.


Any effective diploma in interior design course in Chennai teaches students to concentrate more on forms. The course encourages them to adhere to using straight, clean lines and opting for furniture with exposed legs to develop a contemporary interior look.

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Features of Contemporary Design Style Taught by a Good Diploma in Interior Design Course in Chennai

The essential features of a contemporary interior design are:

Less is More

“No clutter” or “less is more” is the basic concept of contemporary interior designing. It is important to keep the design simple without adding too many pieces. Doing so will ensure that the installed accessories and furniture stand out. A diploma in interior design course in Chennai teaches how to design with smooth surfaces and clean lines without intricate details. A simple hack is to resist the urge to decorate the area with many frames and wall accents. Furnishing with a few accessories will make the interior look spacious and give a contemporary touch.

Minimalistic Furniture

As its name suggests, contemporary forms are the basic elements of any contemporary design. A good diploma in interior design course in Chennai trains students to use minimal elements and make their design stand out from the rest. Designers must include elegantly curved and straight lines to keep the style as simple as possible. If you choose furniture, consider ones with clean, simple and smooth geometric shapes and set the essence of contemporary design right. Do not use excessive carvings, ruffles, floral prints and fringes. Try to avoid excessive detailing like curtains with tassels and trims.

Individualistic Lighting

Unique and individualistic lighting plays a crucial part in contemporary interior design. The lighting elevates the aesthetics of the space and creates an artistic statement. Light fixtures accentuate beautiful accessories and well-placed artwork. Every top-class diploma in interior design course in Chennai teaches its students how to choose lamps to create the perfect contemporary atmosphere.

Decoration hacks

The interiors can be done in contemporary design style by using large artwork. When placed in the middle of a large space, these works create a perfect contemporary look. If you want to add a painting to the wall, frame the canvas with clean designs without including too many carvings or colours. Natural wood, matte black and metal finishes are ideal frames for artworks. By adding black and white photography, you can bring more style to the space. A premium diploma in interior design course in Chennai equips students with these concepts of contemporary styling.

The Takeaway

Summing it up, the elements and features of a contemporary interior design are numerous. They create subtle, yet stunning spaces through absolute simplicity. If you follow the tips mentioned in the article above, you will be able to develop a contemporary home design effortlessly. DOTS school of design is a top-level design college in Chennai, a one-stop destination for any design course. We educate and guide candidates on the important aspects of designing in several disciplines like fashion, spatial, industrial, communication, and textile design.

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