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An Overview of Industrial Design Process & Tools

An Overview of Industrial Design Process & Tools

If you are wondering where industrial designs are playing a significant role, look all around you. Industrial design is in everything you touch, interact and see. The force behind an industrial revolution is that industrial design uses professionals to take a concept and make it both beautiful and functional. Industrial design colleges in Chennai provide a deep insight into how product design is interchangeable with industrial design.

What Is Industrial Design?

Industrial design is to develop and improve products, and when every technology gets updated, you must thank the efforts of industrial designers. Industrial designers working with tangible things always have a specialized engineering background. They create usable products and work on their form, fit, and function to enable an emotional connection with the user. Industrial designing incorporates aesthetics into the design to develop a product that looks appealing along with significant functionalities. Well-established industrial design colleges in Chennai train their candidates to analyze how consumers use a product and create the best fit for them. Thus, industrial designers are capable individuals who can turn any good idea into an exceptional reality. The cost of industrial design depends on various factors. The primary factor will be the time taken to complete the entire design process. A project that takes more time will cost more than the ones completed in a short duration. The second factor is the attention and immediate focus. A job that has to be attended immediately will cost more than a project with ample time to plan and process. Professional industrial designers usually multiply the time going to take for a project with their charges per hour to give a cost estimate.

Industrial design colleges will train designers to present the process stages and a realistic picture of product delivery upfront. If you wonder how industrial designers fit into product development, the answer is very simple. An industrial designer’s work is to convert the product requirements into elements and components that fit in the initial stages of any product development. They use prototyping to peek into the final product even before it is available to everyone. A good industrial design is sure to evoke a user’s emotion. It creates a connection and a bond between the user and the product. The demand for industrial design has increased significantly in the physical and digital world. Understanding the ergonomics, user behaviour, material, shape, finish, colour, and functionality of any product is the key to successfully designing a product.

Industrial Design Process Taught by Professional Industrial Design Colleges

There are four stages in an industrial design process. Let us discuss them in detail here.

The analysis stage is the first step of an industrial design process. It starts by questioning the purpose and use of every element. Only with the right questions can one understand the basics and design a product that is effective, aesthetic, and efficient. Design thinking with these questions will ensure that the work is in sync with the project’s objective. Industrial design colleges develop a great foundation for students through practical activities, making them interrogate and design the right solutions.

Design Concept
After a deep analysis session, a designer will be able to put the entire information into action. This step is known as designing the concept. An industrial designer will develop the collected data into visual concepts. It can be 2D or 3D sketches or mood boards. To be more precise, a design concept is the road map to where a design is going with the involvement of things to develop the design. Premium industrial design colleges in Chennai include essential designing tools and software as a part of the curriculum.

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Once the design concepts are selected, the options are screened, and eventually, the right ones get finalized. CAD is used in most scenarios to develop and construct the 3D design. Thus, industrial design colleges make CAD a mandatory subject in almost all the design courses and degrees they offer. Development is the stage where industrial designers decide on the materials, surfaces, and colours and prototype the model.

The product design process ends once the prototyping is handed over. The final step will be implementing the completed design and then manufacturing the product. Popular industrial design colleges allow exploring prototyping procedures during learning to help students acquire more practical knowledge.

Tools Used for Industrial Designing in Reputed Industrial Design Colleges

The specific tools used by industrial designers in most of their work are mentioned below.

Workshop Tools

A physical model of a product can make the accomplishment of digital renderings easy in later stages. Industrial designers use traditional construction materials like simple wood or cardboard to build tangible products. These tools are essential to creating an understanding among users about how a product will look in the real world. Reputed industrial design colleges in Chennai have labs to create such prototypes.

CAD Tools

CAD, also known as computer-aided design software, is a useful tool for industrial designing. It allows designers to explore a variety of designs, solve problems, create precise models and engineer products with brilliant features. An industrial designer becomes fluent with CAD software so much that they get accustomed to varying versions. This is because CAD is a mandatory software taught in almost all the industrial design colleges in Chennai and other big cities in India.

Prototyping Tools
Prototyping tools are 3D printing, laser cutting, and other digital prototyping technologies that translate every digital product into something tangible. Industrial design colleges include prototyping tools and educate designers on how to use them as every designer needs to succeed in their career.

Closing Remarks
An experienced industrial designer is skilled across multiple sectors and can easily grasp various processes. DOT School of Design is a famous design institute in Chennai that creates the best industrial designers who develop solid and user-friendly products.

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