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Steps to Gain a Career in Fashion Design

If you are passionate about clothing and design, a career in fashion might be right for you. Fashion designing requires a combination of education, experience, and skills. By knowing more about this field, you can decide if you will be interested in pursuing it as your career. In the article below, let us discuss the steps to gain a career in fashion with a diploma in fashion designing in Chennai.

What Does a Diploma in Fashion Designing in Chennai Teach?

Fashion designers are responsible for designing clothes, shoes, and accessories. They are expected to handle the intermediary steps between the initial planning and production of designs. Therefore, courses like a diploma in fashion designing in Chennai will prepare students to succeed in any organization that deals with fashion and trends.

Creating Designs
Fashion designers use pencil, paper, and digital tools to create preliminary designs. But colleges that offer diploma in fashion designing in Chennai encourages students to use the CAD program over manual tools as it is less time-consuming to develop designs. CAD easily changes the texture, colours, and other elements digitally in just one click.

Selecting Materials
The next step after a preliminary sketch is to choose the materials. The designer must look into many factors like texture, durability, colour, current fashion trends, and material sustainability. They need to know materials and their properties thoroughly. A diploma in fashion designing in Chennai helps students gain a deep insight into the materials as a part of the syllabus.

Producing Prototypes
The next step in designing a product will be to make a prototype or a sample of it. A diploma in fashion designing in Chennai will teach how to work with fashion models to analyze their designs when in use.

Choosing Collection Themes
Fashion designers learn to choose themes and create relevant designs apt for the trend and season. Instead of just developing a single product, a diploma in fashion designing in Chennai will educate students to create a collection of accessories, footwear, and clothes.

Marketing Designs
Marketing the designs is another skill that has to be learned essentially. A diploma in fashion designing in Chennai tutors students on how to market the product to retailers or consumers, handle sales and succeed with online sales.

Overseeing Production
A majority of fashion designers outsource their manufacturing houses or skilled labourers to produce their designs. Thus, handling the production process is crucial to ensure the quality of the product. A diploma in fashion designing in Chennai prepares students to manage the production process and teaches them how to stay focused on their goals. Paying regular visits to the manufacturing unit and checking the end products is an important responsibility for fashion designers.

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Other Options to Explore Other Than Diploma in Fashion Designing in Chennai

The basic qualification to become a professional fashion designer is to have a bachelor's degree in any field related to design. A diploma in fashion designing in Chennai fulfills the basic criteria required to seek a good job in most circumstances. A full-time fashion degree course lasts from three to four years at the undergraduate level. After the bachelor's degree, a candidate can either opt for a master's degree course or hone their skills through internships and gain experience. We have made a list of degrees to pursue at the graduate and post-graduate levels for you to get a better understanding.

Bachelor of Design (BDes) – This degree covers textile design, fashion communication, industrial design, and product design.
Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design (BSc Fashion) – This degree specializes in garment design, footwear design, accessory design, jewelry design, leather design, and interior design.
Bachelor of Fashion Technology – This degree covers the apparel manufacturing industry and fashion design's technical aspects.
Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising (BSc Fashion Merchandising) – This degree covers merchandising and marketing aspects in the fashion field.
Master of Fashion Technology (MFTech) – This is a two-year course or post-graduation specializing in designing garments and accessories and covers every technical aspect.
Master of Design (MDes) – This is an advanced post-graduation that focuses on principles of fashion design and all the elements of fashion.

Step-wise Procedure to Become a Fashion Designer

An overview of how to successfully become a fashion designer is mentioned here.

Prepare for entrance exams for universities offering fashion designing courses after completing twelfth grade.
Complete a bachelor's degree in any field related to fashion or a diploma in fashion designing in Chennai.
Complete master's degree in a reputed university.
Create a digital portfolio of your prototypes, sketches, and collections. It demonstrates your style and skills, so performing this step with utmost care is essential.
Gain hands-on experience in the fashion field by doing internships. You must understand that your resume must include educational and professional experience and links to your digital portfolio. Thus, look for internship opportunities in reputed organizations.
Building a network is very important to becoming a successful fashion designer. You must look for opportunities to network with aspiring colleagues or established fashion designers. Attending fashion shows, joining professional groups, entering amateur contests, and building good relationships with peers will be helpful for a successful career.
Staying updated about the fashion trends is the basic quality any good fashion designer must-have. Thus, you have to watch for the change in trends every season. Staying abreast of recent fashion is possible by reading fashion journals and attending fashion shows.

The Takeaway
Becoming a fashion designer requires hard work and the ability to learn from mistakes. Working under an established fashion designer or organization or starting an own label are the two choices. But if you want to work for a renowned fashion designer, set your goals accordingly and distinguish yourself from the rest of the applicants with acquired skills and an excellent digital portfolio. On the contrary, if you want to start your own label, reach out to DOT School of Design, one of the famous BDes colleges in Chennai. We will help you understand designing, merchandising, networking and marketing and guide you towards success.

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