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A New World Of Opportunities! Promising Design Courses In India

A New World Of Opportunities! Promising Design Courses In India

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Design is a diverse and creative field that is omnipresent. You will find design in virtual space, physical space, graphics, photographs, illustrations, and fashion. People passionate about pursuing a career in design now have several colleges and universities offering design courses. At our leading B.Des college in Chennai, we offer some of the best design courses with an excellent campus experience and teaching staff. The creative industry is diverse, and the design curriculum we offer, explores the different disciplines and develops the students to have immense creative and design skills.


A typical design degree will span from three to 5 years. The specialisation offered by the design course includes 2D and 3D design, textile, fashion, web design, product design, graphics, and photography. All the courses offered by design schools are equipped with the latest trends and technologies used in the design and have both theory and practicality in the specific area. Design is a rewarding career and a challenging one too. The skills you acquire from design college will certainly help shape your career for the better.

Skills You Acquire By Opting For Design Courses In India

In India, some of the design degrees courses offered include graphic design, interior design, textile, animation, illustration, computer games, jewellery, furniture, theatre, and product. These are a competitive and popular choice among design aficionados. It comes with specialised content that covers a wide range of topics. Students tend to choose a degree based on their career aspirations. The key technical skills acquired in an undergraduate course include: 

  • 3D design
  • Image production
  • Computer-aided design and manipulation 
  • Film making 
  • Editing 
  • Graphic layout 
  • Typography

The design courses equip students with skills to draw by computer and hand. The students will get a deep understanding of design theory which will prepare them to focus on design and creative thinking. The courses will help students have a potpourri of ideas and other valued skills required in the general job market. It includes soft skills like:

  • Creativity and eye for detail
  • Skills in using computer and software
  • Problem-solving and logical thinking
  • Editorial and research skills
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Hands-on application
  • Project management

Soft skills acquired from a design course can be applied elsewhere as it is the most sought out skill by employers for all types of job roles. Design graduates may also choose other lesser related career choices where they can apply their skills. 

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Careers To Pursue After Completing Design Courses

As per a recent survey conducted by Cibyl with more than 70000 undergraduates, the most popular career choices made by design students in India include

  • Media and advertising
  • Retail
  • Hospitality, tourism, and leisure
  • Information Technology
  • Public service
  • Film Industry

The key areas of employment for design students include arts, recreation, entertainment, education, retail, wholesale, technical, scientific, and media. The arts and design field attract students who love to pursue careers in interactive media, landscaping, gardening, video editing, interior designing, advertising, print media, television, and film production. The different job roles offered to design students include:

  • Graphic designer
  • Production designer
  • Web designer
  • Production assistant
  • Project designer
  • Industrial designer

The students are offered full-time or part-time employment. Some students who opt for part-time work choose to continue their studies in the design field. By doing this, you gain more experience and the required skills that make you highly competitive. Teaching is another career option for design graduates. Many design institutes and colleges are coming up in India that need skilled teaching staff. If you have a penchant for sharing knowledge with others, teaching design can be the right career choice. You can also work in magazines or write books related to the design industry to handle the language well. Some well-known people studied design, including Alan Rickman of Harry Potter fame and Ricky Wilson, the chief of Kaiser. Alan Rickman had his design agency before turning into an actor, while Ricky Wilson worked as a part-time lecturer at Leeds College of Art. The salaries in the design field depend on experience, location, and skill. The company's size, the type of work, and projects will also influence the pay package.

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