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The Prospects Of Studying In A Fashion Design College

The Prospects Of Studying In A Fashion Design College

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The textile industry in India is an ancient trade that dates back to the last millennium. The fashion industry has evolved over all these years, and the Indian fashion trend has become one of the main focuses in the global fashion scene. Celebrities and other fashionistas have become the messiah of the Indian fashion industry who showcases to the world the inspiring designs made by our eminent fashion designers. Vikram Phadnis, Manish Arora, Manish Malhotra, Ritu Kumar, and Anita Dongre are some of the leading fashion designers in India whose work inspires many.

Several eCommerce companies in the fashion industry have allowed the common person to taste fashion trends. Fashion designing is not a female-centric sector anymore. It has expanded its horizons in leaps and bounds. Fashion design colleges are mushrooming in different cities in India, offering specialised design courses. 

We are the leading school of design in Chennai, offering some of the exclusive design courses crafted to meet industry standards. We aim to redefine design education in India by offering a quality curriculum, a unique learning experience, and multiple design disciplines.

The Benefit of Pursuing Course From Fashion Design College

Graduating from a fashion school can be a stepping stone into the fashion world. A top fashion designer in Chennai states that a college education hones your skills and guides you towards your goal. It offers many opportunities that are otherwise tough to clinch. The kind of personal development and growth you get from a design school will get you industry-ready with practical knowledge and skill, which is very important in the fashion world.

Inspiring men like Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors followed uncertain paths to get to the top of the global fashion industry. But not everybody can taste such success. Formal education in a design school will be the safest way to start a career in the fashion industry. A fashion degree from a prominent design school will easily earn you the opportunity to get a foothold in the fashion industry.


There are several fashion institutes in India and abroad. They offer only a handful of seats for which you have to compete against lakhs of students from across India. A regular fashion design degree will be 3 to 4 years. A design college will not teach creativity but channel the creativity to implement your visions and ideas. You will be taught to analyse colours, draw, sketch, drape, make patterns, cut, and sew. You will also get the opportunity to work closely with designers from the field. Fashion shows are held at the time of graduation, where you will get the opportunity to showcase your projects. It is also an event where veteran fashion designers scout for new fashion talents. The design schools also teach the different avenues of marketing your products. Designers need to have management skills. You will eventually have to own a brand or business, choose partners and negotiate deals.

Different Specialisations In Fashion Design

There are many specialisations in the fashion industry. You can opt for one of them after your formal design education. 

  • Accessory designing is a specialisation where you will design things that you wear with clothes like purses, hats, belts, glasses, jewellery, and more. 
  • Bridal designing is focused on bridal wear for weddings, engagements, and parties. Weddings are a prominent market in the fashion industry, and a designer will be entitled to create specialised outfits and accessories for the bride, bridegroom, bridesmaids, bride’s mother, and others. 
  • Costume designing for the field of television and movies is another niche field for specialisation. You get to design clothes for a particular character essayed by an actor for different scenes. 
  • Fabric designing is a field concerned with the textile industry where you will design fabrics that fashion professionals will use for their creations. 
  • Footwear designing is another niche industry where you will design and create items like sandals, boots, shoes, slippers, socks, and other items you wear on your feet. You will have to spend time working in the actual industry to gain more experience and skills. 

While studying in a fashion institute will get you easily into the fashion world, you can also try other ways. One hard but proven way is to directly intern at a fashion studio and work your way into the fashion world as you learn the craft on the job. You can also intern with a fashion stylist or fashion retailer.

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