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Scope Of M.Des In Interior Design

Gone are the days when the interior design has been thought of only as decoration. In fact, interior design has become the most sought after and popular profession in the design industry. At Dot School of Design, the leading design institute in Chennai, we offer exclusive M.Des Interior Design and other design courses for the creatively inclined. The curriculum empowers students with industry knowledge and exposure that provides a strong foundation in their interior design career. Eminent architects and interior designers have helped craft the different modules in the curriculum. Interior design is not just about beautifying the living space, but it is also about efficiently using the available space. 

The scope of interior design graduates is very high as there is massive growth in the industry. Interior design is slowly coming out of different branches like architecture and civil engineering as an independent field. One reason for the recent popularity is that city dwellers are now more conscious about their living space. The country is also seeing growth in its city space, and it is in dire need of qualified and professional interior designers.  It is not just the residential space but also retail, commercial, and public spaces that require help from interior designers. The construction industry and interior design agencies require skilled youngsters who have a thorough knowledge of interior design. 

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Insider Tips On the Fine Art Of Interior Designing

Insider Tips On the Fine Art Of Interior Designing

Interior designing is not just decorating

Many people tend to approach interior design as mere decorating and beautifying the space. While, to an extent, as an interior designer, you are responsible for choosing the right colour and texture, you must also ensure the correct placement of objects. The decoration is part of the job, but interior design is much more than that, and a professional degree in interior design will set you apart. After graduation, you can plan to do an internship with a skilled interior design team to get professional experience.


Interior designing is much more than designing

As an interior designer, you must know interior design concepts and principles. But there are other skills you require for your career in interior design. First, you need to have good knowledge about different materials, space design, and technical drawing. Excellent interpersonal, communication skills and marketing skills are also other assets required by interior designers to market their designs, interact with the team and communicate new ideas.

The industry is on the lookout for new and fresh ideas

Companies are expecting a lot out of fresh interior design graduates. Skill, talent and creativity go hand in hand for an interior designer. You are expected to provide unique ideas and have strong designing skills. It is a highly competitive field, and you are required to showcase commitment, dedication, hard work, technical and creative skills to carve a niche for yourself.

Slow and steady wins the race

Like any other art field, the interior design field is also a slow starter. You cannot become an overnight success. You need to do several projects to gain experience. Initial paychecks will be very minimal. But as you gain experience and appreciation, you will gradually be known as the best interior designer and attract bigger projects that will pay well.

Formal Education And Specialization in Interior Design

Formal Education And Specialization in Interior Design

While it is not a must to have a formal education in interior design, a degree will always give you an upper hand. It is beneficial as you learn the nuances of the interior design industry, gives you the basic design knowledge and offers formal training before you are ready to take up a job. Most employers look for creative skills while checking for your portfolio and background. In a professional setup, you will be allowed to work for retails, hotels, hospitals, cafes, resorts and more. 

Handling different genres of projects will make you more experienced and skilled as an expert interior designer. You can also specialise in a particular genre of a design project. If you have the passion and the right skills, the job of interior design is never going to be boring. You are going to have fun designing spaces and connecting with clients, suppliers and contractors. If working for others doesn’t sound appealing, you can start your own interior design company.

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