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Six Decades of R.B. Bhaskaran.

DOT Content Team
September 22, 2022
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Design and art have the potential to provoke deep emotions, define time. There are numerous artists and designers whose works are magnificent and impossible to duplicate in any way.  One such exemplary artist is the internationally renowned artist Mr R. B. Bhaskaran. DOT School of Design takes pride in organizing the jaw dropping works of this legendary artist as an art show in the DOT Art Gallery. This exhibition is indeed a true preview of his artistic experience over 60 years of time.

The 10-day Art Show was inaugurated on September 9th, 2022, in the presence of the Honorable Justice of the Supreme Court of India Sri V. Ramasubramanian,  Mr Sanjay Ghosh, Editor & Deputy Director, Publication Division,Government of India,, Artist Mr.Trotsky Marudhu and Dr. Ashrafi S Bhagat. The show which was organized by DOT School of Design garnered multiple eminent personalities visiting the show. The show had multiple renowned visitors during the 10-days.

We would also like to thank our media partners for their features which helped in taking this show to a larger audience. The visitors were transfixed by the paintings of the legendary artist and had the enriching experience the divine painting offered under one roof.

Honorable Justice of the Supreme Court of India Sri V. Ramasubramanian, firstly congratulated all the students for understanding the right importance of design and art and explained how important creativity is to become successful in life. Dr.Ashrafi S Bhagat being the author of the book vividly spoke about her journey along with R.B.Bhaskaran in understanding his fascination for art. All the dignitaries highlighted their talk to make a note of the importance of Design, “as a profession, is evolving in recent times”

Alongside the inauguration of the Art show, DOT School of Design had announced its own publication house exclusively for Art and Design resources. DOT Publications, a subsidiary of DOT school of design which aspires to be a treasury of design resources.

DOT Publications is honored to be the first to publish an authentic compilation of R.B.Bhaskaran's biography in the name: Navigating Cultures Through Formal Aesthetics Six Decades of Art Journey, on the inauguration of the Art show in the presence of esteemed dignitaries

Sharing presence along with such esteemed dignitaries like R.B. Bhaskaran DOT School of Design honored the Artist by bestowing him with the ‘DOT School of Design - Lifetime Achievement Award’. The 10-day show of R.B.Bhaskaran indeed will be a true preview of par excellence of art continuing on through his paintings and journey of Art, through the cumulative experience of the spectators. Through the art show DOT school of Design hopes for more new beginnings. 

The 10-day show comes close to closure with many esteemed dignitaries visiting the art show  but Artist R.B. Bhaskaran's passion towards Art will always continue on through his paintings and through the cumulative experience of its spectators.

DOT Art Gallery is now available for rent to showcase various art forms. Have an innovative performance that supersedes space and time? Looking for a space that facilitates your creative intuition? Talk to the DOT Art Gallery team to see how you can bring your vision to life at the gallery space. To know more, email or visit our website.

DOT School of Design is Chennai's 1st Exclusive Design College offering courses in the disciplines of Industrial Design, Communication Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design and Fine Arts. Admissions for the year 2022 are now open, to know more check out DOT's website.

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